The story of Persie’s silverware.

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Robin Van Persie, one of the bests at Arsenal has been a vital part of a Dutch club, Rotterdam Giants for a long time. However, the Dutch star didn’t get a chance to give the club his best and he left his soccer academy to join his first team in 2001 but he stayed in the Dutch team for three years until the Gunners happened in 2004 and Persie left the Dutch pitch to join the English Premier League.
Unlike in the Dutch club, Perise has maintained a remarkable record at the Arsenal. He has capped 266 times in Arsenal for 8 seasons, scored more than 100 goals and has assisted in several goals too. Thus, he has been a part of every nook and corner of Arsenal’s scoring. Apart from his career as a whole, Persie is the top notch player for Arsenal this season and given the fact that the cub is losing his star player and is having a hard time, Persie is saving the day. He has scored 22 goals in 25 league games. Impressive!
However, Robin Van Persie feels that he could accomplish more than he is doing right now. In his recent interview with the press, he recognized his new form and stated that he wished that he could have achieved the same with the Eredivisie Giants, his ex-club. In addition, he revealed that he won Uefa with his former club before joining Arsenal.
Persie’s statement about his previous performances is two sided. He misses the times he had at his old club as well as the memories associated with it but he feels that he didn’t contribute as much as he could have, as opposed to today. He thinks he could have done so much more for the former club, but nevertheless, he had a good start to his career and it’s something that he will always look back at, with happiness.
His time in Arsenal, however, has been least eventful, especially in the context of trophies, since Arsenal has none after 2006 and if this year is trophy less, it will mark seven consecutive seasons of no trophies for the club. Arsene Wenger, manager of Arsenal is finding difficulty to cope with the current performance of the club.
Arsenal future seems bleak as media has been portraying recently. If the club keeps on going with this situation, the club will not be able to qualify for Champions League and the Frenchman might be forced to resign or he might just willingly leave which also means an exit of the star players of the club that also includes Van Persie.
Uefa champions’ league is a must turning point for Arsenal right now. If the club makes it, it ensures survival otherwise Persie is already rumored to be moving to La liga’s Barcelona or Real Madrid. Arsenal needs to find a way out very soon before it hits its demise. 
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