The trend of worshipping Derek Jeter needs to stop immediately

Finally, someone in the mainstream calls out "Jeteration

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As you may have heard, this is Derek Jeter's final season. In fact, you haven't heard that, then you've probably been living under a rock.

The mainstream sports media have been ball-washing Jeter for nearly his entire career, and it is reaching extreme levels of absurdity.

The great Joe Posnanski took a moment to address this ridiculous craze, pointing out this laughable "scouting report" shown during the broadcast of a Yankees game.

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If this were actually a scouting report (hint: it's not), it would be the absolute worst scouting report in the history of scouting reports.

As Posnanski points out, this would provide exactly zero worthwhile information to an opposing team, and is full of 100% subjective information that one could have gleaned by merely being a baseball fan at any point over the past 20 years.

From JoePos' blog:
CATCHER: Hey, did you get the scouting report on this guy?
PITCHER: No, I had to go see my family.
CATCHER: Oh, that’s bad.
PITCHER: Hey, I know, he’s Derek Jeter. What’s left to know right? He’s a pro.
CATCHER: No, that’s not it. He’s the consummate pro.
FIRST BASEMAN: And consummate leader.
PITCHER: Wait, when did you get here?
FIRST BASEMAN: This is Jeter, man. I heard you missed the scouting report.
PITCHER: I don’t need a scouting report, the guy’s been playing for a thousand years. I grew up watching this guy.
CATCHER: Then you know … he plays the game the right way.
PITCHER: Yeah, I know that.
FIRST BASE: No you don’t. You missed the scouting report.
CATCHER: Believe me when I tell you … he plays the game the right way.
PITCHER: OK, he plays the game the right way. Fine.
FIRST BASEMAN: And he’s a consummate pro.
CATCHER: And leader.
PITCHER: Right. OK, can we get back to the game? I’m going to bust him inside with a fastball.
THIRD BASEMAN: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
PITCHER: You’re here too.
THIRD BASEMAN: Did you guys cover the fact that he plays the game the right way?
CATCHER: Yeah, just going over that. And that he’s a consummate leader.
PITCHER: FINE! Man, I’m sorry I missed the scouting session, all right?
UMPIRE: OK, break it up guys. Let’s play ball here.
PITCHER: Thank you ump. That’s what I’ve been saying.
CATCHER: We can’t. He missed the scouting report on Derek Jeter.
UMPIRE: Oh, that’s bad. OK then but make it quick.
CATCHER: There’s one more thing you need to know before facing him.
PITCHER: That he’s 40 years old and has a .318 slugging percentage?
UMPIRE: That’s disrespectful.
PITCHER: I apologize.
FIRST BASEMAN: Derek Jeter is an example to players of all ages.
PITCHER: Yeah, I know.
FIRST BASEMAN: No, that’s the third part of the scouting report. He’s an example to players to all ages.
UMPIRE: Are we clear here guys? Let’s play some ball. Mr. Jeter wants to inspire some young people.

Yeah. We get it. Jeter has never been caught doing anything wrong. He plays the game "the right way," which mostly means he hasn't made enough home run trots for people to get sick of the way he jogs or flips his bat.

Jeter has had a great career. He has a lot of strengths as a player, and of course has had a few weaknesses. He's certainly among the top 10 shortstops ever to play the game.

But please... let's stop deifying him. It's only June, and this is already shaping up to be a long season if this continues.
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