The ugly side of English football, is sportsmanship a dying breed?

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Spitting became the latest menace to take a swing at English football on Saturday when arch rivals Manchester United and Liverpool lined up to play at Old Trafford in a Premier League encounter. The code of conduct in English football is under great criticism as of late because of Luis Suarez’s racial and non-sportsmanship-like behavior.
However, he is not alone on the list. Chelsea defender, John Terry is currently awaiting trial on racism charges. Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand accused Terry of being a racist in their encounter in the first half of the season. Since then, the Football Association has stripped Terry from England captaincy and England manager, Fabio Capello has quit his post after showing disagreement with the FA.
Now, a new saga is being unfolded. English football sunk to a new low when Manchester United informed that there was a tunnel bust up after their match with Liverpool, which ultimately sparked a spitting storm.
This latest shameful and juvenile behavior has been condemned by many critics. Manchester United have informed that goalkeeper David de Gea was spat at as he walked to towards the Old Trafford dressing room at half-time.
Eventually, stewards and officials had to step in between the players to defuse the confrontation that threatened to turn into a brawl. Police also became involved in an effort to calm the occupants of Old Trafford after the first 45 minutes of the game. Fans aside, this time it were the players that couldn’t wait to get onto each other.
Liverpool and Manchester United’s rivalry displayed a new episode when Luis Suarez refused to shake the hand of Patrice Evra, the man who accused him of being a racist and got him an 8-game ban. This incident occurred in the pregame ceremony, thus it gave birth to an intense encounter.
Reporting on the half-time encounter in the tunnel a source said:
“De Gea was making his way to the tunnel and was clearly shocked to be spat at.
“Obviously the players reacted angrily and both teams became involved, before stewards managed to quieten it down.”
After United won the encounter 2-1, there was another on-field confrontation when Liverpool’s Craig Bellamy got involved in a quandary with Old Trafford’s head of security.
Liverpool, Suarez and their manager Kenny Dalglish have apologized for their part in the ugly actions that took place at Old Trafford last Saturday but there is going to be an inquiry before the matter is laid to rest. According to reports the FA is planning to dive into the spitting issue.
Sadly, English football has been left defenseless this time. Men from the Spanish and Italian football leagues can walk with their heads up high because they have indeed bested the English in football this time.
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people seem shocked that these people hate each other...