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There's A Special Spot In Hell Reserved For Tommy Bowden

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I have said time and time again on this blog and elsewhere how little respect I have for college athletics. It's a de facto minor league for professional sports that perpetuates because said pro leagues don't want to have to pay for their own minor leagues. And it's rarely ever about the "student-athlete", at least at the major schools. It's about money and winning, and to hell with how you do it, as long as you get it done.

And this story is no different. I highly advise you to go over to the blog Wizard of Odds and read this infuriating story about Clemson University and its football team that is essentially running tailback Ray Ray McElrathbey out of school. It's not because of anything McElrathbey did, it's what he didn't do. He wasn't a good enough football player.

You may remember McElrathbey gained national fame for taking custody of his 11-year-old brother Fahmarr in 2006, then received a rare waiver from the NCAA that allowed him to get assistance from the university and the public in taking care of his younger brother and still maintain his football eligibility. He is a true stand-up human being. And now he's getting the door from Clemson.

The coaching staff decided not to renew McElrathbey's scholarship for the 2008-09 season.

After signing 25 players last month, the Tigers are over the 85-scholarship limit and have plenty of depth in the backfield.

"We're pretty good at running back right now," coach Tommy Bowden said.

A teammate said McElrathbey isn't going public with his side of the story because he "doesn't want them to badmouth his name if he wants to play football somewhere else."

As a result, McElrathbey will graduate at the end of this year, with two years of eligibility left, and will likely play football as a graduate student somewhere. But do check out Wizard of Odds' post, which includes a few videos of McElrathbey and his brother.

I wish McElrathbey all the best, and that scumbag Bowden all the worst.
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3/13/08   |   Flousc

You don't have the whole story. RayRay was brought in and told that next season he was going to be the 5th string running back and would not see the field because the guys in front of him were just too talented. So Bowden layed out these options take the Graduate Assistant job, have everything payed for just like you were on a football scholarship for the nest two years, or if he really wanted to play he would help RayRay find another school to go to. If he stays the only thing he is losing is the chance to stand on the sideline and watch with a uniform on. The reason Bowden is being so tight lipped about the situation is there are some team related obligations that RayRay wasn't living up to and rather than bad mouth him he is saying nothing. There are two sides to this story.
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Yeah ok, nice spin. James Davis said RayRay told him his scholarship was revoked. Then after hearing that, the Clemson SID came out in full spin mode with all that garbage. Ray was on the National Honor Society, so I ask, what exactly was he doing that he wasn't supposed to do? I give Clemson this, they have the best PR dept. in the country. Job well done.

3/10/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Bobby, may the 2008 season be a season full of footballs to your groin.

3/10/08   |   Flousc

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But Tommy is this god loving, bible preaching saint when the 17 year olds and their parents come to visit his school. Say it ain't so Tommy? What a fraud that guy is. The Clemson PR dept. is already in spin mode on this one and as usual, the idiots in the South Carolina media will buy it.