Things aren't looking up for the Sooners

Blowout loss is reason for concern

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Oh, no, what's next for the Oklahoma football team?
If you're anything like the fans of the Sooners, you're probably thinking things aren't exactly going very well.
You're probably right, too.
Oklahoma lost Thursday night to Baylor – certainly no shame in that – but it wasn't just the loss, it was an undoing.
Oklahoma couldn't do anything offensively, imploded before the end of the first half, and now has major questions heading into the last three games of the season after the 41-12 loss.
It's not just that the Sooners lost, it's the fact that for the second time this season, they were run over. First against Texas, then against the Bears, and the result is a continuation of a disturbing trend. 
When Oklahoma loses, it loses magnificently.
“We're not used to getting beat like this,” center Gabe Ikard said to The Oklahoman after the loss Thursday.  “We shouldn't get beat like this.”
But the thing is, that's exactly what has happened.
In addition to close losses to Kansas State last year, the Sooners were dominated at home by Notre Dame last year and destroyed by Texas A&M in the bowl game. The season before? An embarrassment at Oklahoma State after close losses to Texas Tech and at Baylor.
Nov 7, 2013; Waco, TX, USA; Baylor Bears cornerback Joe Williams (22) breaks up a pass against Oklahoma Sooners receiver Jalen Saunders (8) in the third quarter at Floyd Casey Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY SportsNow we get to see how Oklahoma will react to playing at Kansas State and at Oklahoma State in the next three weeks. 
The Sooners slipped to No. 17 in the Associated Press poll, but no one around Oklahoma really is concerned about that. A promising start – including a win this season at Notre Dame – is forgotten. OU is out of the national championship picture and now is out of the Big 12 race, too.
There are concerns at quarterback. The defense is young and injured.
What's next? No one knows, but there isn't a lot of optimism right now.
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First orders of business in the offseason for the Sooners IMO:

1. Fire Josh Heupel as offensive Coordinator. The guy was a great QB and led the 2000 Sooners to the National Championship and he got quite a reputation as a developer of young QBs. However, his offensive game plan against Texas was just plain backward and the game plan against Baylor, for which he had 12 days to prepare, was simply idiotic. That Blake Bell hasn't shown much development as the season has progressed, and that the Sooners O usually burns through all its first half timeouts on offense before the 1st quarter is over tells me a change needs to be made in the OC's chair.

2. Bring an actual Special Teams coach. This role is currently "occupied" by head coach Bob Stoops and the fact the Sooners regularly look ill-prepared on special teams tells me they need more help on special teams than whatever token preparation they currently do. Something else I find idiotic is that OU uses starters on special teams. This is all fine and good, except that three (I think) starters, including Trey Millard have been lost this season from injuries sustained on special teams this season. You might say that's bad luck or an anomaly but, consider that DeMarco Murray most notably was also hurt and lost for the season (and the better part of an off-season) in his junior year thanks to a knee injury incurred on a kickoff. The Sooners need a dedicated special teams coach who will actually "coach" special teams players, not a head coach/special teams coach whose idea of special teams coaching is throwing his starters on the field in hopes of out-athleting the opponent.