This #LeBroning Video is Hilarious

This #LeBroning video is hilarious

1/15/14 in NBA   |   fvittorini   |   8 respect

Blog Photo - This #LeBroning Video is Hilarious

I ain't about this new #LeBroning life, but what did make me hahahahaha was this video featuring kids around the country taking part in #LeBroning. #LeBroning is basically the act of flopping, which is the act of falling intentionally for the purpose to getting a foul called on your opponent with minimal to no contact. The kid at 1:02 should get a role on Broadway.

Now my question is how does LeBron James feel about this? He is definitely not happy that his last name is attributed to an act of flopping, which to be honest has been abused by guys like Manu Ginobil and Vlade Divac for decades. But it is always more fun making fun of LeBron, isn't it?
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