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This Week in Arena Football - Week 14

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Week 14 of the AFL season is upon us, and somehow, all 19 teams are still in playoff contention. Don't give up hope Las Vegas fans! Your team might be 2-10 with 4 games to go, but somehow it is possible for them to make the playoffs. Same goes for Arizona, who are 3-10. I am fairly certain if either team made the playoffs, they would be the worst team to have ever made the playoffs in any professional sport. This week the two teams face off. I've never seen a game between a 2-10 team and a 3-10 team have playoff implications, but that will be the case on Sunday afternoon in the desert.


Last week's games saw no real surprises, other than Utah's win over Orlando. Six games were won by road teams, but considering Dallas, Chicago and San Jose were all on the road, that's not too much of a shocker. Kansas City beat LA, Georgia defeated Tampa Bay, Grand Rapids got a big win over Colorado in front of 14 people, while Philadelphia & New York kept moving in the right direction with wins over Austin & New Orleans.

Here is this week's Super 7, which as usual was picked by you, the fans. Each team listed has their record next to their name, as well as their gain or loss in the rankings from the previous week.



Arena Football League Super 7 - After Week 13


7. Kansas City Brigade (7-5)  Up 2 spots

This is the only change on the poll this week, so enjoy it everyone. Kansas City got an important win over Los Angeles last week and are looking to improve their seeding as the playoffs draw near.


6. Orlando Predators (7-5No Change

Orlando is struggling a bit. Even though they are 7-5, they lost last week to Utah, and this week they travel to San Jose. That will be a very tough game for them to win.


5. Colorado Crush (8-5)  No Change

The end of the Colorado/Grand Rapids game last week must have been a fun one to watch. The last 51 seconds of the game featured 3 touchdowns and 1 field goal (the field goal winning the game for Grand Rapids with no time left on the clock).


4. San Jose Sabercats (9-3)  No Change

San Jose is firing on all cylinders. And I'm running out of sports cliches to use about their recent run. I might have to go Keith Jackson on you guys soon.



Philadelphia has had the most schizophrenic season. They started out the season by winning 4 straight, then dropped their next 6 games. They followed that with 2 straight wins, scoring 78 & 76 points in the process. Those are 2 of the highest point totals of the season, and it has come at a time when scoring by other teams is down. Injuries destroyed the middle of their season, but if they keep playing like this, we might have another contender for the ArenaBowl title.


Back to the Super 7...


3. Chicago Rush (9-3) No change

The Rush have missed the league's leading scorer Bobby Sippio in the past couple of games, but managed to get a win down in Phoenix. Still, the Rush's hopes are pinned on his quick return to the lineup.


2. Georgia Force (10-2) No change

Georgia had a big win against Tampa Bay last week, and face another reasonably tough test against Columbus this week.


1. Dallas Desperados (11-1) #1 team for 5th consecutive week, 13th overall

When I wrote the poll below, I screwed up on the "game of the week" question. Clearly, the Dallas/Philadelphia game is the biggest of this week. Dallas is of course 11-1, while Philadelphia have righted the ship as more and more players return from injuries. This week's game between the 2 teams could mean big changes for everyone's predictions heading into the playoffs. Or it could just mean more of the same.


That's it for This Week in the AFL! Check back next Friday for a recap of this week's action and a preview of the Week 14 games.

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