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This Week in Arena Football - Week 5

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Now that most teams in the AFL have played 4 games, it's much easier to tell who is good and who is not. It's safe to say that Dallas, Georgia, and Philadelphia are very good. Utah & Chicago are up there as well. Tampa Bay, New York, and Grand Rapids are really bad. Everyone else is somewhere in between.


The biggest matchup of Week 4 was Dallas at Orlando. We all expected a good, close game, since Orlando is a tough place to play, but Dallas once again showed that they are the class of the league, winning 70-49.


In other games, Philadelphia crushed Colorado's soul, 71-47. Georgia also remained undefeated in a close game against San Jose, 64-62. Grand Rapids continued to make their bid for being the worst team in the league after losing to Utah by 41 points. The Arizona Rattlers finally got their first win of the season over Las Vegas. Los Angeles surprised New Orleans in New Orleans. The storied Tampa Bay Storm are still winless, as they were unable to defeat New York, who managed to get their first win. Finally, Chicago won on the road in Columbus, and Nashville won in Austin. Road teams were very succesful in Week 4.


Those are all the recaps, here is this week's Super 7, which as usual was picked by you, the fans. Each team listed has their record next to their name, as well as their gain or loss in the rankings from the previous week.


Arena Football League Super 7 - After Week 4


7. Orlando Predators (2-2)  Down 2 spots

Orlando lost to the best team in the league, so they didn't take too big of a hit. This is a good team, but Dallas proved that a good offense can overmatch a good defensive team. As I have said before, they need to be able to score more points against the top teams.


6. Los Angeles Avengers (2-1)  Up 3 spots

So New Orleans might not be as unbeatable at home as I thought they might be. Or Los Angeles is better than we thought they were. I'm not crowning either of their asses at this point. L.A. is ranked here simply because they have managed to be over .500. If they can beat Chicago, then maybe they deserve to be in the Super 7 for a while longer.


5. Utah Blaze (3-1)  Up 1 spot

Normally, thrashing a team by 41 points will get you a large jump in the rankings. However, all the other teams ahead of them in the rankings won as well, except for Orlando, so they don't get to move up. At this point in the season, nobody is going to move much until someone loses.


4. Chicago Rush (3-1)  No Change

Chicago return home this week to face Los Angeles. Is L.A. for real, or will they be exposed as a mediocre team? My guess is the latter, but since L.A. did win on the road last week, the Rush shouldn't overlook them.



There is even more Arena Football action this week, as the af2 season kicks off. The af2 is basically the minor league of the AFL, played in smaller cities in front of smaller crowds. Many af2 players go on to the AFL, so there is still good action and the games are fun. There are teams everywhere from Boise to Quad City to Mahoning Valley, which is apparently in Ohio. I learn something every day. There's also a team called the Battle Wings, which seems to involve some sort of bird mascot. Between the AFL & af2, there is probably a team somewhere near you. Check out for more info and a complete list of teams.


Back to the Super 7...


3. Philadelphia Soul (3-0) No Change

Philadelphia looked good again last week in Thursday's Battle of 80's Star Owners. This week they travel to New York, who will be happy to have won a game. I think it's a safe bet that the Dragons won't be celebrating a 2nd straight win.


2. Georgia Force (4-0) No change

Georgia has had one of the more difficult schedules to start the season. They haven't had many problems though, putting away close games when they have needed to. In the process, Georgia became the first team in AFL history to score 60 or more points in their first 4 games of the season. This week they travel to Columbus, where they should be able to win again.


1. Dallas Desperados (4-0) #1 team for 5th consecutive week

Another week, another Dallas cheerleader photo. Sooner or later, I will run out. This team is good. Really good. The question is: can they keep this momentum up through the season, or will they burn out once again before the playoffs? Dallas won the battle with Orlando, and this week will host a 1-3 Austin team.


That's it for This Week in the AFL! Check back next Thursday for a recap of this week's action and a preview of the Week 6 games.

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