This Week in NASCAR [August 30th Edition]

Earnhardt crashes, Kahne peaking on time and Four are confirmed in the Chase

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Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [August 30th Edition]A tire test by four NASCAR Sprint Cup teams was declared a success, even though Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a tire go down and crashed hard.  Dale Jr was examined and released at the track, and the team packed up to head for home.  Crash or not, the driver declared the tire test a resounding success and said the reconfigured Kansas speedway will no doubt be a fun track to race on.

This weekend, however, the teams are in Atlanta - or Hot-lanta, as it is often called.  The season used to end in Atlanta, on the big speedy track.  In fact, one of my favorite NASCAR races of all times took place at Atlanta in 1992. It was one of Jeff Gordon's first races, Richard Petty's last, and Alan Kulwicki won the Champiionship.  The race had everything and is still one I'll watch in the off-season.  

Atlanta was also the scene of the 1996 run by Terry and Bobby Labonte - the race where my son nicknamed Bobby "Bobbily Abonte".  He was only 3 years old and although he knew every driver and the car they drove, he couldn't say all their names.  Bobby won the race that year, but his big brother, Terry, won the Championship.  It's another race I have recorded and watch in the off-season.

There are only 2 races left until the Chase begins, and at this point, although four drivers have clinched a berth in the Chase, namely Greg Biffle, Matt Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson, the rest of the playoff field needs to be set.  There will be 10 plus 2 in the Chase - the top ten in the points, plus two wild card positions.  And the way some drivers are surging and others are floundering, it's anyone's guess who the rest of those Chasers will be.  
Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [August 30th Edition]
Tony Stewart had a hissy fit last weekend and double fisted his helmet at Matt Kenseth.  In the meantime, Kasey Kahne has settled in at Hendrick Motor Sports and is showing why Rick Hendrick wanted him on his team.  No, he isn't up with Dale Jr and Jimmie Johnson,  but he's grabbed a string of top ten finishes that makes him look like a favorite to unseat Tony from that tenth spot.  Right now, Kahne is the top runner for the Wild Card sport, but another good finish and he could take over the tenth spot.  Of course, Jeff Gordon is one of the Wild Card contenders as well, and he does so well at Atlanta, this race could be the one where he grabs his second win of the season.  

But can anyone really count Tony out?  Last year he declared that he had no business even being in the Chase, yet he won 5 of the 10 races in the Chase and secured his third Championship.  Could this year be his fourth?  We'd be crazy to count him out, especially after last year when he performed almost perfectly.  

If he can just get his temper under control.....and maybe work on his throwing arm.  
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Well, that just sucked.  Denny Hamlin wins at Atlanta.  A HUGE shout out to Jeff Gordon and his crew for a second place finish.  Kevin led 101 laps and Hamlin led the same number of laps, I believe, but got credit for 4 more as they had to go to a GWC.  Jr managed a 7th place finish after having a car that was pretty much junk for him, all night.  Martin Truex Jr also deserves a shout out, as he was very strong at the end -  he ended up 4th, right behind Bad Brad.

Biffle remains in the top spot in the standings, followed by JJ, who had a crappy night, then Jr., only 2 points back of JJ.  Richmond gonna be fun!!

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JenX63 wrote:
Ummm Kevin is getting to be a bit of the cry baby. Brad did nothing wrong. Was a good race! Congrats to the winner, I want to say Stenhouse Jr., but lol, geesh I already forgot who won. My

It was Stenhouse Jr. and although Harvick was mistaken on what caused the last caution, I hated to see him lose after being so very dominant.  Only Brad seemed to be in the same league as he tonight.  Stenhouse got lucky.  It was a good race, but the finish sucked for me.

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Ummm Kevin is getting to be a bit of the cry baby. Brad did nothing wrong. Was a good race! Congrats to the winner, I want to say Stenhouse Jr., but lol, geesh I already forgot who won. My

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Awesome finish to the race as nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than to see that crybaby Harvick lose! Go get your diaper changed you dolt!

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Watching the Nationwide race - I really, really want to sing "you picked a fine time to leave me Loose Wheel" to Denny, but the tire fell apart instead of the wheel falling off *snort* it was still funny.....

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I was injured today at work, so was home early enough to watch the truck race.  Ty Dillon became the sixth new winner in 2012 in the Truck Series, and grabbed another win in the 3 truck.  Grandad, Richard Childress, was on hand for the celebration. 

Ty passed leader Kyle Busch with a handful of laps to go, and Kyle effectively destroyed any chance to catch Ty when he brushed the wall moments later.   He said in his post race interview that they were still racing the same truck they had raced the last 5 years and he was still finishing second.  

Being injured means I will be able to see the Cup race and I am stoked!!