This Week in NASCAR [Boys do NOT have at it edition]

Fights, Punches, Videos and Fines. It all happened this week in NASCAR

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Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [Boys do NOT have at it edition]Last week teams got back to racing after a week off, and the sparks flew, both on the track and off.  While Joey Logano took home the win, an altercation in the pits between Marcos Ambrose and Casey Mears had NASCAR looking for answers.  NASCAR famously announced that they were going to lay off the fines and penalties for "emotional outbursts".  For the most part, they have let the "boys have at it", but drew the line, and released a previously unknown part of the rule book, when Casey Mears and Marcos Ambrose went at it last weekend.

The two were having a "discussion" and Marcos appeared to move away when Casey grabbed him and shoved at him.  That was enough for Marcos, who then decked Casey with a right hook.  Marcos exited the area, and was subsequently hit by another crew member.  NASCAR looked at everything on video and interviewed the parties involved, and levied fines on Tuesday.

Marcos received a $25,000 fine and was place on probation until the end of May, while Casey received a $15,000 fine and the same probation.  The difference between the fines was the difference between a punch and a shove.  The crew member who allegedly hit Marcos was not fined, in part because the video is unclear, and also because Marcos denied being hit.

Marcos was interviewed today and said he is not sorry for hitting Mears but in future he will leave earlier.  In his mind, he was defending himself, an opiion with which many agree.  Mears was the early aggressor, shoving Marcos into a situation where Ambrose felt he had to retaliate.   Almost everyone asked has said they do not believe the drivers should have been fined.  And if you ask me, I agree.  

Whatever happened on track between the two was exactly that, between the two.  We really haven't seen any on-track replays where any altercation occurred.  Whatever happened wasn't significant enough to make the highlight reels.  The discussion between the two of them was something only the two of them (and their crews) would understand.  NASCAR should have stayed out of it.
Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [Boys do NOT have at it edition]
This week the teams are in Talladega.  While the track is a favorite of most fans, not all the drivers share that same love.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of those, since he does very well at the Superspeedways.  For many, it's a crap shoot.  Some ride around in the back all day, waiting for the big one to be done, then racing to the front for the end of the race.  Kevin Harvick is a master of that strategy, and the words "where did he come from?" are used more often when speaking about Harvick than any other driver.  

The track is huge.  The speeds are as fast as we will ever see on a race track.  The draft is key.  The second to second judgements a driver must make while in the draft can be the difference between winning and junk.  Bill Elliott set the top speed prior to the restrictor plates being implemented in 1988, but even with the restrictor plates, speeds can reach 200 mph or more.  Rusty Wallace is credited with breaking that record, but in most fan's minds, it doesn't count as it was during a test session, not during a NASCAR sanctioned event.  I agree.

Regardless of the speed records, the racing is normally of the "on the edge of your seat" variety.  Dale Earnhardt has the most wins at the track, with 10, but prior to the Car of Tomorrow, Dale Jr. also dominated.  Now that the Gen6 car is in use, Dale Jr. has to be one of the favorites at the track, once again.  In fact, just take a look at the standings, and any one of those drivers could be Sunday's winner.  

The race runs Sunday on FOX and for the first time in a long time, a major network will also air qualifying.  On Saturday afternoon knock-out qualifying will air on FOX.  

Who is your pick to win?

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JenX63 wrote:
lmao....need a cough drop?  wink

The vodka cured that cough  blush

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lmao....need a cough drop?  wink

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Once again, Nascar fails! Doesn't even faze me anymore. The thing is, in my mind, Mears is a weenie now cause he didn't "man up". Sissy's push, not a popular way to think, but if you know me, I don't really care. Kudos to Marcos, and even though I have searched and searched, I have found no pics to show if the "crewman" landed an actual punch. Maybe it was all air?!
Not sure who to pick this week. I am having a horrible year so far of jinxing drivers. Might comeback, idk. As always hope Smoke and Happy have a great race.