This Week in NASCAR [Everything's Bigger in Texas]

Texas Motor Speedway Welcomes NASCAR - and watches Chase Elliott win his first Nationwide race

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Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [Everything's Bigger in Texas]We've said it before.  Everything is bigger in Texas.  In fact, the TV screen at the track will be declared the largest ever, and earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.  It's nicknamed Big Hoss, and it is, indeed, BIG.

The Nationwide Race is on right now, and youngster Chase Elliott is leading the race, with his boss, Dale Earnhardt Jr. trying to pass... Okay, correct that, Dale Jr. went past.

JR Motorsports has four cars in this race, Regan Smith, Kevin Harvick, and the aforementioned Elliott and Jr., himself.

Sunday the Sprint cup guys race in the Duck Commander 500, sponsored by the TV show, Duck Dynasty.  Big Hoss got a trial run a couple of weeks ago, airing an episode of Duck Dynasty on the 218X94 foot TV.  It will be used during the race on Sunday. Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [Everything's Bigger in Texas]
Kurt Busch, the most recent Sprint Cup winner, wrecked in practice today, and will go to a back up car, and hence to the back of the field for the race.  Jeff Gordon, who was disgusted with the tires at California, is concerned that the Texas race will be a story of tires, much as the Auto Club Speedway race was.   As he puts it, tires were an issue at Texas last year, and a tire test should have been scheduled between the races, but that didn't happen, so the tires will be a bit of an unknown.  Instead of crews and drivers determining who wins the race, the tires may be the determining factor, something no one wants to see.  NASCAR made changes to the Gen6 car to bring the fans a better race.  Why then, would they ignore the tires issues?

Those who chose to run much lower air pressures are not so quick to put the blame on Goodyear, the tire supplier to NASCAR.  In order to get the handling and control the driver wanted, crew chiefs chose to run extra-low pressures.  In doing so, they compromised those tires.  

No one really knows what we will see on Sunday.

Jimmie Johnson is back with his team after the death of his brother-in-law, grateful for the outpouring of love from his fans.  As we have seen in the past, Jimmie seems to be the master at regrouping in the face of tragedy, and Texas could very well be the track where he scores his first win of the year.

As I sign off, and invite you to make your picks for Sunday, I can't help but inform you that you need to keep your eye on Chase Elliott.  His dad is Awesome Bill from Dawsonville, Bill Elliott.  As the announcers have said, he has a mountain of talent.  He has never raced at Texas, and yet he has just won.  He is in the number 9, made famous by his dad, and runs a full schedule for JR Motorsports.  Well done, Chase.  This is only the first of very many more to come.
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Race has been postponed until tomorrow at noon ET on FOX .

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 Looking at radar the rain show end stop between 7-8 PM local time to the track. A Monday race is likely not going to happen, as Liberty Mutual has rented Texas Motor Speedway for Final Four VIPs. Another thing you have to wonder if Fox/NASCAR is willing to start these race really late if/and when that happens. 

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Bar some kind of miracle...I see postponement. Pitch Perfect is on. We are singing and dancing our way through the movie.

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What fun.  COPS Reloaded while we are in rain delay.......

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It has been raining all day at Texas Motor Speedway, but they have done driver introductions, and had the invocation and National Anthem  blush
Still in time killing mode as they continue to dry the track.  Good news is the rain has stopped and it's looking good to get the race in today/tonight.

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(Edited by Canadianhick)

As someone who grew up as a Bill fan I can't even begin to describe how awesome it was to see his son in victory lane last night. 

Smoke is on the pole for the race tomorrow, Keselowski will start 2nd, Harvick, Biffle, Edwards, Hamlin, Bayne,Newman, Ambrose, and Logano who rounds out the top ten. Logano is the only driver to advance to the final round in all seven races this season. 

Looks they could be going night racing tomorrow as rain looks like it is going to be a big factor in the afternoon hours. 


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I think Jr's smile is just as big as if he'd won the race.  Given the Winston, and the animosity between Dale Sr. and Bill at that race, it's absolutely fantastic to see the next generation do what they do.   crying

4/4/14   |   Debi_L   |   11875 respect

I have to be honest, I am really hoping for a repeat win by Jr.  BUT, I would be completely stoked to see Smoke win this one as well.  Dark horse?  Don't laugh, but I think Martin Truex Jr deserves some good stuff.  He'd be my dark horse.

After that really, really good Nationwide race, I want more, right now.  

4/4/14   |   JenX63   |   33288 respect

awww, his daddy must be so very proud..Congrats Chase!

I don't think I have picked the same "winner" for this race in any of the polls I have entered. I think, I am very undecided! Jimmie could very well get his first win of the season, but my gut says maybe a repeater...I really don't know, I do know I would like to see Smoke in the winner circle. So there are my pick(s)...mmmm, Kyle or Kurt as my darkhorse...