This Week in NASCAR [October 5th Edition]

Chase Race #4 plus Talladega equals Crap Shoot

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This week the talk is all about Talladega and what the huge race track can do to derail someone's chances at the Championship.  It's nothing more than a crap shoot.  Some drivers "play it safe" and ride around in the back until the closing laps.  Other drivers prefer to run as close to the front as possible, lead ever lap if they can, and be right at the front for the end of the race. 

Both strategies have been known to work.  

Second practice yesterday was a quiet one, with only a few teams participating.  After all, if you found out all you needed to know in the first practice, why risk wrecking in the second?

Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [October 5th Edition]People have said that they don't believe Talladega (or Daytona) should be in the Chase.  It's too much of an unknown.  The "Big One" is bound to happen, and it can take out a potential champion.  But really, isn't every race somewhat of a crap shoot?  And teams need to know how to handle every race situation, not just the tracks they like.

In fact, that belief is leading more and more to the idea that a road race also needs to be in the Chase.

In other news this week, Tony Stewart and Stewart-Haas Racing apparently have managed to reel in a few more sponsors.  Word this time is that Bass Pro Shops, currently on the 1 car of Jamie McMurray, will sponsor Tony for 18 races in 2013.  Mobil 1 will decrease their sponsorship on Smoke's car from 15 to 11 races, leaving Tony with 8 weeks to fill.  Also at SHR, word is that there will be crew juggling of the major kind.  With Danica making the jump to Sprint Cup full time, the powers that be want to be sure she has the best men behind her to guide her.  That means the majority of Ryan Newman's crew will jump over to assist Danica.  Leaving???? what for Ryan?  Time will tell if this is a good move or not.

With Kurt Busch moving to Furniture Row Racing, effective next week, James Finch is scouting for another driver to fill the 51's seat.  He is rumored to be speaking with both AJ Almendinger and Regan Smith.  However, he has also said he and the team are concentrating on getting Kurt into Victory Lane this weekend, something that is very doable at Talladega.

Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [October 5th Edition]In other Busch news, Kyle has (again) offered apologies for running his mouth, this time about Toyota.  If you remember, Kyle had to pit for fuel last weekend at Dover, with 11 laps to go.  That pit stop may have cost him the race win, as he had led the majority of laps prior to that.  Of course, a Busch being a Busch, Kyle ranted on his team communications about how it was Toyota who cost him the win.  The tirade was profanity laced, and embarrassing to Joe Gibbs Racing.

Will these boys ever learn?

My pick for this weekend is Kevin Harvick (Where'd HE come from?).  I think Kevin can get the win here.  Of course, I will be pleasantly surprised if Jr. grabs the checkers instead.  

What about you??
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10/7/12   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Thought I'd do a Live Race Thread, so here it is!

10/7/12   |   Scott   |   54594 respect

This is the race where guys like Kahne, Junior, Stewart, Truex Jr and Harvick have to get back into the hunt.  I expect those drivers to be a lot more aggressive then the trio of Hamlin, Keselowski and Johnson. 

10/7/12   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

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I missed the Truck Race today, but my son tells me that Parker Klingerman won the race!

*ugh, I must have been tired :(

10/6/12   |   johnsondavid841   |   6 respect

Kevin Harvick, that's a nice pick for this weekend.