This Week in NASCAR [Texas Chase Edition]

Everything's Bigger in Texas, even NASCAR

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Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [Texas Chase Edition]NASCAR is in the Lone Star State this weekend, for all three series.  As we get down to the final few races of the season, it seems the excitement level is increased.  As excitement increases, tempers fly.  Not only did we have the comments made by Kevin Harvick about Richard Childress Racing, but Richard Childress and both of the Dillon brothers made their feelings known.  Then, in the Sprint Cup race, Greg Biffle let Jimmie Johnson know how he felt about his on-track actions.  
Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [Texas Chase Edition]
Yesterday word came out that one of RCR's Truck Series team members, Adam Brown, has been suspended indefinitely for throwing a hammer at Kevin Harvick's truck.  The crew chief for the team, Paul Richmond, was fined $10,000 as well, as he assumes responsibility for the entire team.  

Now, here's my take on things.  Both Austin and Ty Dillon have been given every opportunity in the world to race, being brought up through the ranks courtesy of grandad, Richard.  Richard has been very open about the fact that he is basically keeping his team running in order to provide the opportunity for his grandsons.  I completely understand Kevin Harvick's frustrations and completely understand his comments.  Why is Richard Childress so surprised?  Kevin Harvick is young enough that he wants to compete for a Championship.  He is no longer satisfied to just sit back and watch all his hard work go towards helping someone else get the championship he has worked for, for so many years.  I don't know if moving to Stewart Haas Racing will get him a better opportunity for that championship, but in my opinion, he has gone as far as he can go with RCR.  Time to move on.

Matt Kenseth has regained the points lead, although he and Jimmie Johnson are actually tied with 2294 points each.  Matt has won 7 races, to Johnson's 5, and therefore leads the points again.  His former teammates from Roush Fenway Racing are back in 8th and 10th.  Both Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle had high hopes for a championship this year, and both have seen those hopes die once again.  Matt was smart to leave when he did, as he is proving that he is a stellar driver, and well deserving of another championship.  He just needed a change of crew, equpment, brand, and....well pretty much just a change. Blog Photo - This Week in NASCAR [Texas Chase Edition] Greg Biffle, on the other hand, expressed his frustration with his situation, by confronting Jimmie Johnson after the Martinsville race.  He grabbed Johnson by the collar and spun him around to speak to him, while JJ was in the middle of an interview.  Controversy has raged since that confrontation, accusations that Biffle doesn't know what he is talking about.  What does matter in this situation is that Biffle experienced, inside the car, what he perceives to be the incident that took him out of the running for a win at Martinsville.  Martinsville is a short track and there are always wrecks, always damage to the cars, always emotions.  That's why we love short track racing.  

We head into the closing stretch this weekend, with all series at Texas Motor Speedway.  The trucks, Nationwide cars and the Sprint Cup cars will all race this weekend.  I'll be at work tonight for the truck race, and tomorrow for the Nationwide race, but I'll be watching replays, and I'll be watching the race live on Sunday.  I'm picking Dale Jr.  What about you?
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Debi_L wrote:
Ummmm Congrats to Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a third second place finish in the Chase!!!  cheeky

Rollin'...had as much trouble as I did congratulating the winner  devil

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Ummmm Congrats to Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a third second place finish in the Chase!!!  cheeky

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texas_tornado4261 wrote:
No one else will say it, so I will, Congratulations Jimmie Johnson !

i did not know..i had to go do something and took longer than i thought...Congrats to Him....I know you're HAPPY!

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No one else will say it, so I will, Congratulations Jimmie Johnson !

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It's actually been a pretty uneventful race. He who shall not be named is sure leading a lot of laps.

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Kyle Busch had a tire issue a few laps ago and flattened the right side of his car against the wall.  Just now, Jeff Gordon also hit the wall.  The difference?  Kyle did repairs on pit road.  Jeff is in the garage  crying

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I was going to do a live race thread, but almost everyone just hangs out in twitter, so I thought I'd do the same and post a few updates here and there.

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Sooooooo BK has come out swinging against the Baseline Concussion testing, and I've shut my mouth because I couldn't disagree with him more.  But he won the Nationwide Race today (did you see how I did that?  Got MHO in there?)