Thomas Vanek may have stayed with Islanders if they had been a playoff team

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsGetting to the playoffs and playing games in that event is something that every player is looking forward to and working hard to earn throughout the season. When they make it, everything seems worth it and when they don’t, things tend to get sour and mostly the blame game starts.
Lately the trade deadline is the thing which has been causing turbulence and bringing winds of change within the franchise. So for Thomas Vanek it was high time that he chose his own road and decided to part ways with the franchise. As the trade deadline gets nearer and nearer, players and franchises are making their final decisions and Vanek is highly suspected to be a mere guest with the franchise now.
Vanek is not the only one who is suspected to be moving away from the Islanders. With him is Andrew MacDonald and both the players were present at team practice at Long Island. This might be the last time that the players get to practice together as a team before they move on. MacDonald chose not to return with the franchise after contract expiry because he and the Islanders did not get to agree on the terms and conditions of the new contract.
Vanek on the other hand said that he was still interested with the Islanders and the reason why he was leaving it to the go into the free agency was to get a taste of it and try it out. He was offered a $50 million contract that would expand over 7 years.
He explained the reasons due to which he chose not to go for a new contract with the franchise, saying he wanted to be with a team that had solid chances of making it to the playoffs this time.
"I'm now 30 years old. I still feel I got seven, eight good years left in me," he said, "but I want to set myself up and make sure I'm on a team where I can make the playoffs and have a chance. Can you predict which team is going to be good? No. But you can probably have a good idea of who's going in the right direction."
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