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Raw is Warrior

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The Ultimate Warrior's passing last week brought so many emotions to so many people. It was remarkable to learn courtesy every media outlet, how much of an impact The Ultimate Warrior had on the childhood of countless fans. I was blown away by the amount of people who read and then thanked me for my article. All of the once little "Warriors" were definitely heard from over the past seven days.

It was very touching to see what WWE did on Monday Night Raw, in paying tribute to late, great, Ultimate Warrior. Opening the show with Vince McMahon front and center, along with the entire roster on stage, each wearing Warrior T-shirts; followed by a very well done video montage of Warrior, which included commentary from Hulk Hogan, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. And then concluding with the 10 bell salute... it was all perfectly done. Triple H even led a Warrior chant. It was real seeing so many faces on that stage become emotional.

For those who are unaware, WWE essentially filmed Warrior with his family the entire Wrestlemania weekend. I know WWE has planned what they've deemed "Warrior week" on WWE Network, which will start Tuesday Night at 10pm. I wonder if WWE will use the footage shot of Warrior over the Wrestlemania weekend. I'm sure they recorded so many great encounters with Warrior and WWE talent. After Warrior passed, a good amount of the WWE roster took to Twitter and shared their encounters with Warrior.

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