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Do you really want to see UFC 152?

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I'm normally excited when a UFC PPV is near. Not so much for UFC 152 tonight. While the Main Event features arguably the most exciting MMA fighter of all-time in Light Heavyweight Champion Jon 'Bones Jones; the challenger, Vitor Belfort, has no business being in this fight.

What happened to the great UFC Light Heavyweight division? Remember how loaded the division was prior to Jon Jones cleaning it out? I know Dan Henderson was next in line to fight Jones and then got injured, which led to the cancellation of UFC 151. Now while most, including Dana White, bashed Jones and his trainer Greg Jackson for not taking the fight against Chael Sonnen, how about the fact that no other light heavyweight in a once deep division stepped up to take the fight?  And for the record, I had zero interest in watching Jones dismantle Sonnen.

The biggest joke of all is the fact that #1 contender Lyoto Machida or Mauricio Rua turned down a rematch with Jones. So before you trash Jones how about looking at two former champions who apparently don't want the title back that badly. What about Phil Davis, who had fought Rashad Evans last year in a #1 contender fight? Even Ryan Bader or any other Light Heavyweight fighter. It's a disgrace that nobody in the division will take this fight.

And don't get me started on Rashad Evans. The fact that he could lose to Jones in the fashion he did and then basically tell people that he wants to drop down to middleweight to challenge Anderson Silva for his title.  WHAT? Evans essentially no-showed the Jones fight; talk about your classic throw in the towel effort, and now expects to beat Silva? Come back to us Rashad.

Blog Photo - Thoughts on UFC 152Here's the problem with the UFC. They got into bed with Fox for money and mainstream exposure. The problem is, judging by ratings of the last two UFC shows on Fox,  they aren't gaining many casual fans. And now they are risking losing die hard fans with overexposure. Let's be honest--there's now too many shows--and the quality of shows are suffering as a direct result.

Dana White and Zuffa continue to shove certain fights down our throats and tell us this is must-see. The biggest insult to me as a fan is trying to sell me on Vitor Belfort even being in the same class as Jon Jones. And I know you can reference Matt Serra upsetting GSP or Chael Sonnen nearly upsetting Anderson Silva. At least those fighters were fighting in the respective divisions.

How does a guy who hasn't had one fight in a division get a title shot? The last big fight I recall Vitor Belfort in was against Anderson Silva for the middleweight title. Anyone remember the result of that fight? Not sure Vitor does. But most of us remember the front kick heard around the world. I guess the UFC wants us to forget that loss. Oh, wait, beating guys like Anthony Johnson and Yoshihiro Akiyama are supposed to erase that memory. Give me a break!

Gotta love the promos for this PPV. The UFC showing classic video from 15 years ago when Belfort won the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight titles. They are desperate to sell this fight as legit competition. Hey, numbers don't lie; PPV buyrates, ratings and attendance are down for the UFC. Did you know UFC 152 isn't sold out?

And do they really need a flyweight division? Nothing against Joseph Benavidez or Demetrious Johnson, but should they have a division created for them because they can't beat Dominick Cruz? And does anyone really want to see grown men fighting at 125 lbs? Can Ronda Rousey fight the winner? She actually weighs more than either guy.

Most people will say I'm being rough on the UFC. I say keep drinking the kool aid--and Dana White will keep giving us garbage main events with diluted under cards.

Don't forget that Anderson Silva will fight Stephan Bonnar in the Main Event at UFC 153. That's like a wrestling squash match.  They can't be serious.
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Watch UFC 152 LIVE STREAM Online HD TV.

You are welcome...

9/22/12   |   moynertek2   |   1 respect

Watch UFC 152 LIVE STREAM Online HD TV.

You are welcome...

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I absolutely agree.  I've been saying this for years, and it's probably been 5 years since I've bought a PPV UFC.  They used to be on about three times a year, with stacked, exciting cards.  With your friends, you would talk about the fights for months in advance. Get together for big parties, etc.  Now that there is a fight on at least once a month, and the cards are watered down, I've lost interest.  Not only can I not afford a $50ppv on top of my monthly cable bill, it's just not worth it.  There's too many fights on too often, and it's watered-down.