Three Bills players the Patriots should keep a check on Sunday

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Historically, the New England have always comeback tougher after the bye week. New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick find the opportunity to tweak the offense during the bye week, while the team reassess its plays based on review of several tapes.
There’s no reason why things should be any different this time when the New England Patriots host the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. But the New England Patriots’ have to brace themselves against the Buffalo Bills’ three following players who can unexpectedly change the course of the game.
1. Mario Williams, DE
The stats can be quite misleading with Mario Williams having produced only 4.5 sacks so far this season, but he is still counted amongst the NFL’s top pass-rushers.
However, Mario Williams had little success against the New England Patriots in Week 4, when they completely shut down the rushing from the edge. And the New England Patriots offensive line was also wary of Mario Williams as they let up a gap for him to sack starting quarterback Tom Brady even once in the game.
The New England Patriots offensive line was again impenetrable when they faced the St. Louis Rams two weeks ago. And if they wish to replicate the same level of success, the New England Patriots offensive line will have to keep Tom Brady from getting sacked so that he can pass the ball to move it down the filed against the Buffalo Bills.
2. Marcell Dareus, DT
The second-year defensive tackle is widely considered to have started off a disappointing season. But heading into Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, Marcell Dareus’ talent and potential impact against rival offenses just can’t be overlooked.
Marcell Dareus made franchise history last season by recording the most sacks (5.5) by any rookie with the organization, but the 22-year-old has made little progress on that number this season. During eight game appearances for the Buffalo Bills this season, Marcell Dareus has posted only two sacks and 16 tackles this season.
Maybe the Buffalo Bills’ lack of utilization of Marcell Dareus in critical plays, with the potential changing the course of the game, is why they are ranked a No.31 defensive team in the NFL.
3. Stevie Johnson, WR
The New England Patriots have a young secondary this season that still needs a lot of consistency to pick-up the defensive scheme, which is why they’re ranking at No.28 in the NFL against the pass rush. At this rate any wide receiver, including Buffalo Bills’ Stevie Johnson could post a big problem for the New England Patriots secondary which was seemingly doing so well against the pass rush last season.
Stevie Johnson could have one of his most memorable games this season since the New England Patriots, who’ve allowed the most 20-plus yard receptions in the NFL this season could be out to lose more against a fast-paced and energetic Buffalo Bills receiver.
The 22-year-old Stevie Johnson has 35 receptions for 416 yards and four touchdowns into the Week 10 of the season.
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