Three Steps to fix the New York Giantsí run defense

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Three Steps to fix the New York Giants’ run defense
The New York Giants’ run defense has been slacking down over the past couple of weeks. And even though the New York Giants are somewhere down the middle (19th) in the league after averaging 118 rushing yards allowed per game, defensive coordinator Perry Fewell needs to quickly fix the problem before it advances into the season.
The following three changes just might do the trick for the New York Giants’ defense that allowed 780 yards on the ground over the past six games.
Installing a healthy Chase Blackburn back into the defense
The starting middle linebacker Chase Blackburn sat out of Sunday’s face-off with the Pittsburgh Steelers due to a hamstring injury he sustained in Week 8 against the Dallas Cowboys. The New York Giants’ second-year linebacker Mark Herzlich started in Chase Blackburn’s place but struggled to stop the run.
New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin stated that Chase Blackburn’s absence “definitely” added to his defense’s struggles against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
But the New York Giants are optimistic about getting their leading tackler back soon, hopefully after this week. Chase Blackburn projected his return on a self-evaluated basis for Week 11.
Although Chase Blackburn claimed that he hasn’t tested himself at a “100 percent yet,” due to nature of the injury and fears of it becoming a long-term issue, still the 29-year-old hoped to “push it” at a moderate pace.
“We’re going to have to test it at some point,” said Chase Blackburn “ So we’ll determine when that point is whenever they tell me and we’ll test it and give it a go and hopefully it will be ready this week.”
Chase Blackburn’s return will certainly be a boost to the New York Giants’ defense against the run.
Recommit to Tackling
Tom Coughlin noted after Sunday’s game that the New York Giants missed at least 12 tackles – which is a big dent to any team’s defense, no matter how solid the efforts at stopping the run.
 Even Chase Blackburn didn’t miss out on that flaw from the sidelines.
“We had some poor tackling, I think. Even the runs that were hit for three or four yard gains, we hit them at minus-one or one yard or at the line of scrimmage,” said Chase Blackburn,” and they just continued to roll forward for a little bit.”
Perry Fewell will have to ultimately take the defense back to their roots, which isn’t a far-fetched thought considering the New York Giants missed just two tackles against the Dallas Cowboys. We’ll have to wait and see how the New York Giants’ defense fares agaisnt stopping the run in the next few weeks.
Play Grittier and finish plays
At times the various schemes and talent at hand just doesn’t help with a piling number of unfinished plays. The New York Giants need to reinstate that level of toughness into the defense that can even transform an average run defense into a recognizable edge in the game.
 Tom Coughlin stated that he didn’t fell that toughness coming off from the New York Giants’ defense on Sunday.
"We got mushed a little bit up front," stated Tom Couglin. "Their big bodies knocked us back."
New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck shared those sentiments.
“[They] played the play longer than we did, and give Redman a lot of credit,” said Justin Tuck. “He's one of those backs that just kept his feet churning and turned 1-yard gains into 6-yard gains.”
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