Three big stories coming out of Orlando Magicís training camp

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There is a dead silence around the Orlando Magic’s training camp activities now that center Dwight Howard has been shipped of across to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Eastern Conference.
The Orlando Magic are surrounded by a pool of uncertainties, without any idea who their key producers are or who has made the starting lineup. The current roster is probably the most dismal sight in the Orlando Magic’s history for the past decade.
While are most likely headed to the worst season in franchise history for over a decade, there is some excitement regarding the ongoing rebuilding phase of the Orlando Magic. It will be a while until the Orlando Magic make some big splash in the news, but there are always smaller encouraging stories coming out of training camp all the time.
Head coach Jacque Vaughn’s first impression
With the busy NBA schedule in the regular season, there’s not enough time for a first-time NBA head coach like Jacque Vaughn to develop an understanding with the team. That’s where the preseason presents plenty of leisurely opportunities to experimental decision-making and developing leadership qualities.
It’s a crucial phase for Jacque Vaughn who falls short on age and the proper experience idealistically desired for the job. Plus, he’ll have to feed the questions of a highly-involved Orlando Magic fan base that’s got a taste of winning under a star center.
Hence, Jacque Vaughn should utilize the preseason to develop team chemistry so that they can take on an intimidating league this season.
Who is in the big man rotation?
The Orlando Magic lost their two big man in Dwight Howard (Los Angeles Lakers) and forward Ryan Anderson (New Orleans Hornets) this season. The duo contributed a massive 37 points and 22 assists per game which have to be distributed across the lineup.
It’s indisputably a daunting task considering the Orlando Magic’s options to pull together a young but talented frontcourt.
But who’s in the mix?
So far, Glen Davis, Al Harrington, Josh McRoberts, Justin Harper, Gustavo Ayón, Kyle O'Quinn and Nikola Vučević are the eight options who can majorly contribute in the rotation.
However, Glen Davis is the only individual who’s shines at the spot. The Orlando Magic will still have to figure out the rest.
The point guard situation
While Jameer Nelson was given a breather last season, Chris Duhon was an absolute catastrophe filling in at the position. Former Orlando Magic coach still chose to stick with his first option despite the availability of young and spry Ish Smith.
This season, is the only returning player in the group and may end up with the job since he’s built chemistry with Jameer Nelson.
However, Jacque Vaughn could opt for the 6’4 former Boston Celtics guard E'Twaun Moore, owing to his athleticism, solid offensive capabilities and consistency with Jameer Nelson. But there are time when E'Twaun Moore appears better suited for a shooting guard.
There’s also the possibility of utilizing the 6'3 Armon Johnson, who hasn’t yet head an opportunity to develop into a scoring threat. However there may be limited opportunities prove himself when the time comes.
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