Three questions surrounding Phoenix Sunsí season opener

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The Phoenix Suns play the Golden state Warriors at home tonight in their first game of the regular season following the post-Nash era.
Like any other NBA teams that’s recently parted with a franchise superstar, the Phoenix Suns look widely fresh with only four players from last season’s roster. And to add some motivation to the team to the build its season around, the Phoenix Suns will put it all in tonight to cap a victory against the Golden State Warriors.
 However, there will be three key issues in the Phoenix Suns Wednesday’s performance, which’s success will set the tone of the rest of their season.
So without further ado, following are the three top three questions surrounding the Phoenix Suns’ Wednesday night game.
Michael Beasley’s Performance
Michael Beasley hasn’t had that monumental level of success that you’d expect a top prospect coming out of Kansas State to boast. However, the Phoenix Suns hope Michael Beasley can revive that shooting spark from the field and post a strong performance on the offensive end that’s been left wide-open for him.
After playing a very limited role on the Minnesota Timberwolves offense for two seasons, until he signed a 3-year, $18 million contract with the Phoenix Suns this offseason, Michael Beasley has the opportunity to utilize his multiple skill set on the offense and become a deep scoring threat for the team.
Michael Beasley is slated to play opposite Golden State Warrior rookie Harrison Barnes Wednesday night. It won’t be too difficult for Michael Beasley to overshadow Harrison Barnes at the spot since he caps a decent amount of experience over the former North Carolina forward.
The Phoenix Suns roster is full of new names this season, and with three new guys in the starting lineup, maintaining a rhythm in the game with the tip-off could become an issue for the team. At least a six of the Phoenix Suns’ new players are expected to get increased minutes which could doom a team’s direction of play if there are lingering chemistry issues.
But fortunately, Phoenix Suns’ new additions Goran Dragic and Luis Scola have previously played together and same stands for Michael Wesley and Johnson.
However, Goran Dragic chemistry with the rest of the team is the most important issue out of the mix since as the team’s point guard he decides who gets the ball for scoring. It will be a true test of Goran Dragic quick thinking and experience gained so far in the league.
Defensive Production
While defense has often been an over sighted issue with the Phoenix Suns, this year’s roster is abundant in low post defenders, which could be advantageous against the Golden State Warriors.
Phoenix Sun’s Jermaine O’Neal and Marcin Gortat, who’ll be anchoring the defense in the paint will face their biggest challenge against Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Bogut and David Lee Wednesday night.
To pose as a solid post defender Marcin Gortat, will have to steer clear of fouls.
Phoenix Suns could also have Goran Dragic, Wesley Johnson and Jared Dudley on perimeter defense against Golden State Warriors’ Sephen Curry and Kaly Thompson.
As precautionary measure to the offense’s probable slow start Wednesday, the Phoenix Suns must focus on a solid performance both sides of court.
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