Thunder Heat NBA Finals haikus

What is there left to say? A Collection of NBA Finals haikus

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Blog Photo - Thunder Heat NBA Finals haikus

What can one say about the NBA Finals that hasn't already been said? Nothing, really. So here is a collection NBA Finals 2012 haikus.

White glare, Heat rising
South Beach bounty on the young
Thunder swiftly fades

Absorbing the blows
The Big Kid charges forward
Takes what will be his

Late game folly burns
Ill-advised! shouts Van Gundy
Bucks in the headlight

Searing saliva
The tallest of the big three,
looks like a raptor

"Growing pains"
the softspoken star
stares idly, unbelieving--
grows another inch

"Mount James"
Tall, tall deficit
Stranded far from home sweet home
A King at their throats

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