Thunder get hats for winning Orlando Summer League

Thunder win Orlando Summer League, awarded with some pretty average looking hats

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Most championship victories are capped off with a relentless celebration. Confetti falls from the skies as the team storms the court, piling on top of their heroes in a mess of excitement and joy. Champagne flows down the walls of the locker room as players attempt to swim in the puddles on the floor. Eventually, the championship victory is capped off with a trophy and a ring, which is to be worn forever as a reminder of all that the team has accomplished.

The NBA's Orlando Summer League, however, isn't like every other professional sports championship - it is much, much less significant. When the Oklahoma City Thunder won that championship on Friday, they didn't get to strap on scuba goggles and take a dive into a pool of Dom Perignon. They don't even get a ring to remember what they have accomplished. They got a hat.

Blog Photo - Thunder get hats for winning Orlando Summer League

Pictured above, as I'm sure you can tell, is the hat awarded to the champions of the 2013 Orlando Summer League. This year, those champions were the Oklahoma City Thunder, led by second-year shooting guard Jeremy Lamb.

Is it even fitted? I doubt it. It looks to be of about the same caliber as the hats that come in a giant stack and are given out to five-year-old tee ball players. I know that Summer League isn't the most monumental event of the NBA season, but you'd think the players would get a little something extra, like one of those plastic trophies that every tee ball player got at the end of the season even if they were on the worst team in the league.

All that being said, I have to say that I would love to find a way to own one of these hats, which I would - without fail - wear every day of my life. As soon as I click the publish button at the bottom of the page I will begin my online quest for the brilliant piece of headwear pictured above.
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