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We got through with the Thunder last night, but the same thing happened to the Rockets that I cautioned with the Bucks in yesterday's post. If the bombs aren't hitting their mark, and the turnovers are flowing, it makes for a long night. No worries though. There's absolutely no reason at all to be jumping off any high buildings.



I thought I would be able to get some solid sack time last night, but I miscalculated the amount of time I would be spending on preparing my templates for the upcoming Madness this week. Or maybe I'm my own worst enemy. I got a look at the fields in some of the "lesser" tournaments that will be starting tomorrow, and I saw some very interesting and intriguing matchups. So, not one to allow an potential opportunity to excel slip by, I busied myself last night and spent a great deal of the morning preparing new templates for the NIT, CBI and CIT tournaments. I don't know if there's any gold to be mined there, but if there is, I'll be ready. Now, let's draw our focus on The Association for tonight. It is the only game in town after all.



THE NBA (4-4 yesterday)



SU WINNERS (5-3 yesterday)

76ERS, Wizards, Pacers, HAWKS, Nets, CELTICS, GRIZZLIES, Lakers, Warriors and JAZZ



There is a tie showing from the stats in tonight's game between the Nuggets and Bulls.



TOTALS (2-6 yesterday)

OVERS - Blazers/76ERS (195), Nuggets/BULLS (195 1/2) and Warriors/HORNETS (196)

UNDERS - Wizards/BOBCATS (189 1/2), Pacers/CAVS (190), Mavs/HAWKS (201), Nets/PISTONS (188 1/2), Heat/CELTICS (189), Wolves/GRIZZLIES (184), Lakers/SUNS (201) and Knicks/JAZZ (188 1/2)



BUTTA (1-1 yesterday)

Hate to say it, but tonight is like cable TV. All those channels and nothing on.




1. 76ERS (-1) over Blazers - The numbers have me scared off of this one. I think the Blazers are probably the better team, but that's not what the projection says. This is a huge game for the Blazers if they want to remain in the conversation for the season's final month. Tonight begins a 5 game trip that will see them play all those games in just 7 days, and after this one, all the opponents are playoff teams. YIKES! 76ERS 103, Blazers 101

2. BOBCATS (+6 1/2) vs. Wizards - What a conundrum. I can't lay this many with the Wiz on the road, and I can't trust the 'Cats to "protect" a number like this anywhere. Wizards 93, BOBCATS 89

3. CAVS (+7 1/2) vs. Pacers - The Cavs put up a good fight on Saturday in San Antone, and you have to wonder if having Kyrie Irving might have made a difference. He's out again tonight for the Cavs, but I'm seeing where the Pacers are in a bit of a mini-swoon right now. All those points might not be the best idea with the Pacers. Pacers 95, CAVS 89

4. Nets (-3 1/2) over PISTONS - The Nets have a lot going for them for this game, but the one thing they don't have is rest. I don't want to risk anything with them when they're on the b2b, no matter how bad things might be going for the Pistons right now. Nets 92, PISTONS 77

5. HAWKS (-4) over Mavs - We've got a couple of tired teams going in this one. This will be the Mavs 4th game in 5 nights, and it will be the 5th game in 7 nights for both teams. With my projection laying right down on the number for this game, there's no reason to get excited at all. HAWKS 99, Mavs 95

6. CELTICS (+5 1/2) vs. Heat - Well, here it is. The game of the night. The Celtics beat the Heat last time The Champs were in Boston, and Miami is only 2-11 ATS in their last 13 games in Beantown. Even so, I'm not about to jump in front of the Heat locomotive. CELTICS 94, Heat 92

7. BULLS (+3 1/2) vs. Nuggets - I don't care what the numbers say, I don't think the Bulls can keep up with the Nugs. Chicago has struggled to cover numbers at home, their defense has suddenly become suspect and they haven't shown the ability to run with the big dogs in the league because they're slow on offense. The projection says "tie". I say the Nugs get this one. Nuggets 100, BULLS 100

8. GRIZZLIES (-12 1/2) over Wolves - The Wolves are due to get a couple of bodies back tonight with AK-47 and Pekovic, but I don't know how much those 2 will be able to contribute. GRIZZLIES 101, Wolves 79

9. HORNETS (+3 1/2) vs. Warriors - The only fly in the ointment in last night's game against the Rockets was the fact that the Warriors were trying to avoid a series sweep for the season. In the face of all the overwhelming numbers in favor of the Rocks, I didn't discount that fact. I totally diregarded it. That's on me. So why go into such detail about what's already done? Maybe the Warriors were so focused on last night's game that they take a minute to breathe tonight. That can be dangerous against the Stingers in Nawlns. Warriors 103, HORNETS 101

10. Lakers (-2 1/2) at SUNS - If anybody's going to slow the Lakers roll right now, I wouldn't think it would be the Suns, but in the b2b spot and still without Kobe, the Lakers could be vulnerable here. Lakers 106, SUNS 91

11. JAZZ (-10) over Knicks - I'm priced out of it, but there's no reason to think that the shorthanded Knicks will have any hope of keeping up tonight. JAZZ 95, Knicks 73



I'm very happy to report that I made it through St. Patty's weekend unscathed. That hasn't always been the case over the years, so good on me. I hope you're having a great Monday, and that you've already concocted your story for how you're going to get out of work on Thursday and Friday when The Madness begins. At the very least, you should have probably spent most of the day filling out your brackets. HA! See you tomorrow.

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