Thursday Night Football Live Thread: Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers

Let's See If One Of These Teams Can Prove That They're For Real [Thursday Night NFL Live Thread]

11/19/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

The Dolphins and Panthers will play tonight, at 8:20 pm EST  on the NFL Network. As long as you don't have Time Warner Cable, you should be able to see it. If you don't get NFLN, then I am sorry. You're really missing out. And not because this game is on there, either. There's usually better stuff, to be honest.

56% of FanIQ users predicted the Dolphins will win, but I have a feeling that home field advantage and the lack of Ronnie Brown will result in a close game, but a Panthers win.

If you're watching, this is THE place to chat it up throughout the game. Don't forget to make all of your predictions for Sunday's games, and as always, enjoy the game!
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11/20/09   |   SportzStar   |   102 respect

11/19/09   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

redsox1002003 wrote:
ricky williams is smoking the panthers defense right now

Ha ha!  I get it!  It's because he likes marijuana! 

11/19/09   |   redsox1002003   |   881 respect

ricky williams is smoking the panthers defense right now

11/19/09   |   redsox1002003   |   881 respect

woody050681 wrote:
OMG Jake Delhomme sucks!!

and the sky is blue.

11/19/09   |   Scott   |   53843 respect

I cant believe there were actually "experts" that picked Carolina to win the NFC South.  Ricky Williams is running thru and over the defense and outside of the last touchdown pass to Steve Smith, Jake Delhomme has been, well, Jake Delhomme.

11/19/09   |   eataylor41   |   1 respect

as far as I am concerned Delhomme always sucked. Just wait and he will throw an interception.

11/19/09   |   woody050681   |   13689 respect

OMG Jake Delhomme sucks!!

11/19/09   |   I_Bleed_Purple   |   415 respect

How IS Ronnie Brown doing tonight? 

11/19/09   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

The Panthers are not looking good right now. But then again, they almost never do.

11/19/09   |   Joe_L   |   12372 respect

3-0 Panthers