Thursday Night Football Week 10 Live Thread

Will Jacksonville sweep the series with their second win of the season? [TNF Live Thread]

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Blog Photo - Thursday Night Football Week 10 Live ThreadAhh, another fun rivalry. These two always put up a great fight against each other, regardless of how good - or terrible - either team is. The Jaguars may be awful this year, but it's almost guaranteed that they'll come out swinging and look like a whole different team against Indianapolis. The Colts are a little better than we thought they would be - a team that was awful last season, but has bounced back to just above mediocrity on the back of their stud rookie QB.

The Jags may have the "home-team-edge" in this bout, but Indy will again be playing with a purpose beyond the W-L record. Almost three dozen of the players have shaved their heads in a show of support for their coach, Chuck Pagano, who is undergoing another round of chemotherapy. That display of unity in support might be just the thing to push these Colts on to victory over a team that will come out fighting tonight.

The Jags' only win of the season came in the first matchup between these two teams back in week 3. Now they're on a 5-game losing streak and the Colts have progressed beyond expectations, and are poised to split the series. Will that happen, or are we going to see an unlikely series sweep by a weak Jacksonville team this year? If so, the Colts won't make that an easy task. Grab a drink, sit down, and Q it up here for some Thursday Night Football!
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11/8/12   |   Jess   |   35116 respect

Ok, so I lied.

11/8/12   |   Jess   |   35116 respect

Dan_B wrote:
I'm excited to watch Andrew Luck and the #ChuckStrong Colts. 

Is it my imagination or does Luck look better with less hair? He actually looks decent.

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I'm excited to watch Andrew Luck and the #ChuckStrong Colts.