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Blog Photo - Thursday Night Nockey [Live Game Thread]Thursday night is definitely hockey night in our household.  I mean, every night is hockey night, but Thursday always features so many games that there's something for everyone.  Tonight is no different and we have games all across the country.  I'm joined by Jess and Kramer, once again, so without any more delays, let's get to it!  Don't forget to make your Game Picks and earn yourself some Q-Bucks, too.

7:00 pm ET

Florida Panthers (3-8-4) at Boston Bruins (8-5-1)

Jess: First, to answer your question, Debi...Always! Okay - as for my pick? Bruins

Bryan:   The Bruins should make this look easy.

Debi:  Florida won the other night against the Oilers, in OT, and that made me very happy.  Can they do the same against Boston?  Unfortunately, I don't think it is likely.

Montreal Canadiens (8-7-1) at Ottawa Senators (5-6-4)

Jess: This should actually be a good one, despite the teams' respective records. I'm going to take Ottawa at home tonight.

Bryan:   This could be a decent game.  Les Habitants vont gagner ce soir.

Debi:  Ottawa has made a name for themselves as the team that gets to OT.  Some they win, some they lose, but it is evident they don't give up.  Sooner or later, those ties will turn into wins.  Will it be tonight?  Much as my son wants me to pick Montreal, I think Ottawa will get the win at home.
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New Jersey Devils (3-7-4) at Philadelphia Flyers (4-9-1)

Jess: Haha...aww these poor teams this year. Should be a fun game to watch though, regardless. I'm going with New Jersey!

Bryan:  WOOF!  I refuse to pick.

Debi:  Oh Bryan, I knew you would say that!  I'll be brave and take the Devils!

Minnesota Wild (9-4-3) at Washington Capitals (8-7-0)

Jess:  Nice, good matchup. Caps.

Bryan:   Hawks last night, Caps tonight, both on the road.  That's brutal for the Wild.  Looks like the Caps have their s*** in gear.  Home team wins.

Debi:  Much as I want the Caps to win, I think the Wild have momentum, home ice advantage, and...yeah, Wild take it.

New York Islanders (6-6-3) at Carolina Hurricanes (5-7-3)

Jess: The last couple of times I've seen the Hurricanes play this year I haven't been impressed. I think they pull it off tonight, though.

Bryan:   The Canes pulled off the comeback against Philly, but that's Philly.  The Isles are a better team.  This NYC team does get the road win.

Debi:  I don't care if the Islanders have the better record. I am picking the 'Canes.

New York Rangers (7-8-0) at Columbus Blue Jackets (5-9-0)

Jess: Rangers looked good, right? They're kind of inconsistent, but I think they're pulling it together. I can't figure out what's going on with Columbus, but I'm going with the Rangers because...well...I just like them.

Bryan:  Damn, Rangers killed the Pens last night!  I don't think they can sustain that much scoring though with their current lineup every night.  Columbus wins it.

Debi:  I just have no clue about this game.  None.  Call this the Blue Rangers, cuz they have so many of each others former players.  It could either be really exciting or really boring.  I guess I'll take the Blue Jackets.

Dallas Stars (7-6-2) at Detroit Red Wings (9-5-2)

Jess: Gross.

Bryan:  Sigh...Wings SHOULD win this even though I love seeing them lose.

Debi:  Red Wings

Edmonton Oilers (4-10-2) at Tampa Bay Lightning (10-4-0)

Jess: Lightning are hot right now, and the Oilers are, well, not. Bolts.

Bryan:  Tampa Bay wins this one at home against a team that still can't figure it out consistently.


Blog Photo - Thursday Night Nockey [Live Game Thread]Calgary Flames (6-7-2) at St. Louis Blues (9-2-2)

Jess: Ya know what? I'm taking the Flames for my co-hostess.

Bryan:  This will be a great game, and I'm taking Debi's Flames in a close battle!

Debi:  Such moments of greatness, followed by Whaaa??  Maybe Reto Barra can be the goaltender he was against the Blackhawks tonight against the Blues. I agree it should be a really great battle, Bryan, and I'm taking my Flames as well!

Buffalo Sabres (3-13-1) at Los Angeles Kings (9-6-0)

Jess: Ell oh ell. Kings.

Bryan:  Buffalo can't lose them all, but they won't win 2 in a row.  Kings win at Staples.

Debi:  Oh. Em. Gee.  Poor Sabres.  No momentum tonight.

Vancouver Canucks (10-5-2) at San Jose Sharks (10-1-4)

Jess: Another fun one (that I won't watch.) Uhm...eenie-meenie-miney-Nucks.

Bryan:   San Jose got a wake up call and will take out the I anger on Vancouver.

Debi:  It's that middle number (losses) that will make the difference.  Sharks it is.

The talk of the day is all about the hit that took out the glass, and the reaction of the fans afterwards.  Here's the video of the hit and the ensuing hijinks.  What do you think? Hilarious?  Shameful? Or a cross between the two?

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Well, is saying the Blues "held off" the Flames, so I guess that is a good thing.  I missed the game due to a crisis (at tanning salon)

My head really feels like it is exploding....