Tiger Woods almost quit golf to become a Navy SEAL
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Tiger Woods, Navy SEAL? It almost happened

2/29/12 in Golf   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

His career is a shell of what it used to be, but Tiger Woods almost made one of the most drastic career changes imaginable back in 2004.

According to an upcoming book by his former coach Hank Haney, Woods was extremely close to quitting golf altogether and becoming a Navy SEAL.

An excerpt from Haney's book:

I didn't know how he'd go about it, but when he talked about it, it was clear he had a plan....I thought, Wow, here is Tiger Woods, greatest athlete on the planet, maybe the greatest athlete ever, right in the middle of his prime, basically ready to leave it all behind for a military life. 
Tiger did two tandem parachute jumps, engaged in hand-to-hand combat exercises, went on four-mile runs wearing combat boots, and did drills in a wind tunnel. Tiger loved it, but his physical therapist, Keith Kleven, went a little crazy worrying about the further damage Tiger might be doing to his left knee...One morning I was in the kitchen when he came back from a long run around Isleworth, and I noticed he was wearing Army boots. Tiger admitted that he'd worn the heavy shoes before on the same route. 'I beat my best time,' he said.

Imagine what could have happened if Woods really quit 8 years ago, and followed his other dream of being in the military. We may have missed out on some of the greatest golf we've ever seen, from 2005-2009, when Woods won 6 of his 14 Majors, and dominated the PGA Tour.

We may have also missed out on his well-publicized downfall. He might even still be married, who knows?

Haney: Tiger Woods almost quit golf to become Navy SEAL [Golf.com]
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3/1/12   |   kobe_lova   |   61955 respect

Almost doesn't count.

3/1/12   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

You can't just become a Navy Seal...I'd like to be one, heck, let me quit my job and become one...With his rickety knees and womanizing ways, he NEVER had a chance, but I bet he can hold his breath

2/29/12   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

Had absolutely NO clue he had these aspirations.  I'm sitting here trying to figure out who would have dominated the game of golf, had Tiger followed that dream.  I'm thinking there wouldn't have been one golfer to dominate, and the game as we know it would not be as popular as it is now.  Of course, Tiger had zero to do with my love of playing the sport, but I'm sure he did inspire many, many others to play.

2/29/12   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

I think if it came out that Tiger Woods was the one that killed Osama Bin Laden the Internet would explode.