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Tiger Woods is back on track with a super victory at PGA Toursí Memorial tournament

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Blog Photo - Tiger Woods is back on track with a super victory at PGA Toursí Memorial tournament
An exuberant Tiger Woods celebrated his 73rd PGA Tour title victory after the American golfer thwarted Spencer Levin and a Rory Sabbatini to win the Memorial tournament on Sunday.
Tiger Woods, who was four strokes behind Spencer Levin on the final day, found out that luck was finally in his favor. Tiger Woods remained calm and composed throughout the game to decrease the total number of bogeys and increase the total number of birdies.
With the US Open just around the corner (14-17), Tiger Woods will now be entirely focused towards redeeming himself. The 36-year-old former World No. 1, Tiger Woods is now positioned fourth placed in the world rankings, thanks to a good performance at the Memorial tournament.
“I hit the ball just as good as I have in years,” Tiger Woods said praising himself after the game. “I never really missed a shot today ... and I had the pace of the greens really nice today, where I struggled yesterday, and made a few putts.”
With this victory, Tiger Woods is now leveled on victories with his childhood idol Jack Nicklaus.
“It's been a nice run since I've turned pro and to do it at age 36 is not too shabby,” Tiger Woods said. “I've been very proud of what I've done so far, and I feel like I've got a lot of good years ahead of me." Sitting beside Woods in the media center, Nicklaus graciously said: "If he's going to do it (win his 73rd title), which he was obviously going to, I'd like to see it happen here. That was good.”
After a long time it was exhilarating to see Tiger Woods play. It seemed as if Tiger Woods had rediscovered his lost talents at the Memorial tournament. Tiger Woods, who dreams of winning the US Open again, knew he was on the winning track when he heard cheers from the crowd after he joined Rory Sabbatini in a tie for the lead at eight under. It was here that Tiger Woods acquired a crucial one shot lead.
“Look at the position he was in. If he's short, the tournament is over. If he is long, the tournament is over. He put it in the hole.” Tiger Woods said praising Rory Sabbatini for being a worthy competitor.
“It was one of the hardest ones I've pulled off. I was trying to get inside probably eight or 10 feet (from the cup). "The lie was just a little bit marginal. For it to land as soft as it did was kind of a surprise because it was baked out and it was also downhill running away from me. It just fell in.”
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