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Tiger Woods is still the reason behind sky-rocketing TV ratings

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Blog Photo - Tiger Woods is still the reason behind sky-rocketing TV ratings
Tiger Woods might not be the World No. 1 in rankings but he still can give a huge boost to TV ratings. Tiger Woods is considered to be a celebrity throughout the world. There used to be a time when Tiger Woods appearances were made only on golf courses all of that has changed.
The man who successfully morphed golf into a popular sport, Tiger Woods took a downfall in front of his fans a couple of years ago. Nonetheless, Tiger Woods fall of shame had no effect on his fame, as a matter of fact Tiger Woods became even more popular.
With his notorious sex scandal, bad divorce, monetary problems and under par performances; Tiger Woods made sure he was a famous even if it meant becoming the bad man of the golf world.
Tiger Woods is still trying to get his act together but the golf legend has never been the same since his divorce. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is Tiger Woods relationship with media.
The 36-year-old Californian, who has an amazing 101 wins under his belt, sky-rocketed CBS’s rating following their Sunday coverage of the AT&T National. CBS’s ratings were up by 4.6 overnight, which means there was a 188% increase in ratings from the final round coverage last year.
It might be worth mentioning that Tiger Woods didn’t play last year and Nick Watney won it. It is interesting to note that even the buildup of the final round created a lot of buzz. CBS’s Saturday coverage of the event showed that ratings were up by 2.2, which means they were up by 69% in comparison to last year.
It is astounding to see Tiger Woods become the reason for a 4.6 overnight increase but does it actually mean. Well, it means that the ratings were taken from the 4.6% of the households in the 56 urban markets… and this doesn’t include a couple of important markets.
A severe storm struck some parts of the Northeast because of which ratings data could not collected from several markets on the East Coast. These markets include Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington and D.C.
Even the Euro 2012 soccer was unable to grab such attention, although it also could boast about impressive ratings. Euro 2012 final between Spain and Italy drew a 3.0 overnight which is actually a little disappointing considering the fact that ABC recorded a 3.1 in 2008. However, the ratings from East Coast markets aren’t included so the ratings will most probably be much higher.
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