Tiger Woods wiener scandal

10/11/11 in Golf   |   metsfan710   |   402 respect

Tiger Woods’ newest wiener scandal did not involved text messages or mistresses. Tiger was on the green setting up an 18-foot putt when a crazed fan burst onto the green and threw a hot dog at the former World number one.
Hey Tiger, you will not make this putt… jack@$$! All you need is this maniac riding a Volkswagon onto the green and we’d have ourselved the plot of Happy Gilmore. What are the chances Phil Mickelson hired this guy? Just trying to make sure Tiger never returns to his old form. Paying random hecklers 50 bucks to throw hot dogs are Tiger and promising them dinner at Sizzler afterwards.
As for the hot dog thrower, at least hit your target. That may have been the worst throw I have seen since the Red Sox collapse. A hot dog hitting Tiger Woods is funny. A hot dog missing Tiger Woods and falling onto the ground is just a waste of a hot dog.
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