Tigers' Delmon Young arrested for hate crime assault

Tigers' Delmon Young goes all Mel Gibson and lands in jail

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Blog Photo - Tigers' Delmon Young arrested for hate crime assaultIf you think you had a rough Friday morning, it's nothing compared to that of Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young. Young woke up in jail after a late-night drunken brawl, then had to do the handcuffed perp walk in front of hundreds of assembled New York media and paparazzi.

Oh, and Young allegedly yelled racist taunts at the victim, and may be charged with a hate crime. You do not want to be Delmon Young's publicist today.

The incident started as your typical late-night drunken affair at the downtown food carts, shortly before 3 a.m. The most detailed account of the fight comes from -- where else? -- the New York Post.

Young reportedly found himself milling around at about 2:40 a.m. Friday morning in a gaggle of food truck vendors located outside the Hilton New York. The Tigers were staying at the Hilton New York during their three-game series with the Yankees, which begins Friday night.

A panhandler wearing a yarmulke approached Young and his assembled entourage, to which Young rersponded by screamaing at the man, "F****** Jews! F****** Jews!".

That's no way to endear yourself to the locals in New York, Delmon Young.

Blog Photo - Tigers' Delmon Young arrested for hate crime assaultA fracas broke out, with Young allegedly pushing the panhandler down to the floor of the Hilton New York lobby, and scratching him on the face. Young reportedly injured more than one person in the melee.

The police were called when one of the victims noticed the extent of his injuries, and maybe also noticed that his attacker is playing on a one-year, $6.5 million contract.

Young has had a history of anger management problems. During his Triple-A Durham Bulls days, he threw a bat at an umpire.

The Tigers have taken Young out of the line-up for tonight's game against the Yankees, but have declined comment.
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derms33 wrote:
Chances are a Jew writes your check..YOU ARE DONE

You are half-correct, sir! Tigers owners Mike Ilitch has a Jewish mother, but is a practicing Protestant.

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Chances are a Jew writes your check..YOU ARE DONE