Tigers run down Rambling Wreck!

1/1/09 in NCAAF   |   stevieb39la   |   20 respect

For the past month, I've had to listen to people hate on my Tigers.  " Not a good team"", losing games they shouls win", "I could play qb better".  All I heard was how the triple option was going to run all over LSU.  But what people seem to have forgotten, the ACC ain't the SEC. Yes, G-Tech ran over UGA.  But that was at the end of the regular season, with UGA's "O" and "D" lines depleted with injuries. Man, how many tackles did they lose this year, three, four?  Nobody took that into consideration for LSU's game against Georgia Tech.  The Tiger's got healthy, Jordan Jefferson got a lot of reps with the first team, and the defense came up with a great game plan to stop Tech's run offense.  Of course, special teams blunders killed the Yellowjackets in the second quarter, and LSU put the game out of reach.  All in all, a great performance by LSU's defense, Jordan Jefferson ( games Offensive MVP ), and Charles Scott ( 3 rushing td's ).  Man, I can't wait for next year!!
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