Tight ends Hernandez and Gronkowski are assets for New England Patriots, Brady

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Before New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez came to NFL he used to pick up tips from Antonio Gatesto. This Sunday as Patriots and San Diego Chargers line up for their bout, Hernandez will have a chance to get a close look at Gatesto’s moves.


The question then is will the two youngsters at the tight end position be able to play in front of an experienced opposition. Patriots would be opening their home season for 2011 with this match, therefore pressure will be on the home side.


So far, the two newcomers at the tight end spot have impressed teammates with their productiveness. Both of them are in their second season with the Patriots but still possess the composure of a mature professional.


Hernandez has continued to grow form over the past two seasons. In the last match against Miami Dolphins Hernandez caught 7 passes for 103 yards while his tight end teammate Rob Gronkowski managed 6 for 86. Both of them also scored a touchdown as they brought up the score to 38-24. With the same score line Patriots eventually won the match.


Moreover, thanks to a great team performance they made a franchise record of gaining 622 yards. Patriots’ coveted quarterback Tom Brady was present to appreciate input of the two tight ends in the match.


The NFL icon, Brady extolled, “The skill set of both those players really allows us to be flexible. Not only are they good blockers, but they can catch the ball, too. You can run it behind them, you can play-action pass and then they've become pretty efficient in the passing game also, just to spread them out and be able to run them on different run combinations. They're very good players.”


Most experts have a similar analysis. They too admit that Hernandez and Gronkowski are exceptionally gifted youngsters that have the potential to enter into the upper echelons of NFL. Both tight ends are very versatile and posses a large set of skills.


This not only helps them improvise but helps their teammates to count on them in dangerous situations. Head coach Bill Belichick is aware of their abilities and that is exactly the reason why Hernandez and Gronkowski are being developed at the tight end spot.


Brady and Belichick understand that Hernandez and Gronkowski have the potential to defend as well as attack. This gives Patriots with a unique advantage on field, something which they are utilizing beautifully.

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