Tim Duncan Now Third All-Time in Blocked Shots

5/8/12 in NBA   |   ArgunUlgen   |   10 respect

During another dominating San Antonio series closing win over the Utah Jazz in Game Four of the NBA Playoffs, Tim Duncan reached yet another milestone tying Shaquelle O'Neal for third all-time in blocked shots.  This accomplishment is a very large reason for Duncan's reputation has being one of the best NBA players of all time.

Most NBA fans are obsessed over scoring, particularly dunk highlights.  That's all well and good, but a purely functional blocked shot that manages to keep the ball in bounds and start a transition offense play for an easy two points is a by far more difficult if not more dynamic play than a dunk. 

The Blocked Shot Kept Inbounds:  Prevent two points (+2), create a transition offense play (+2), stifle an opposing offense (+X), pump up your own team to play harder defense (+X), perhaps force opposing team to take a time-out to alter strategy (+X).

Duncan perfected the art of the efficient and functional blocked shot.  He isn't a swatter like Shaq was or Dwight Howard currently is, emphatically blocking shots into the stands.  Rather, Duncan has been reputed for keeping blocked shots in bounds, where his action can have the greatest benefit to his team.  In this regard, Duncan blocks shots like he carries himself on the court: efficiently, with little flash, leading his team to championship title runs.
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