Tim Jennings set to become $1 million richer next season

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsChicago Bears cornerback Tim Jennings earned his first Pro Bowl accolades the past season. He showed great promise in the 2012 season on the Chicago Bears’ defensive line. But what could be a better determinant of Tim Jennings’ impact on the Chicago Bulls’ game than his worth for the next season. And to add further motivation to Tim Jennings’ efforts for next season, the Chicago Bears decided the 7-year-old was eligible for a round of salary bump.
The seven-year veteran Tim Jennings re-signed with the Chicago Bears on a two-year contact in March last year. But Tim Jennings will end up $1 million richer next season after his basic salary was bumped to $4.25 million by the Chicago Bears. The escalator that Tim Jennings set off in his contract will bump the worth of Jennings’ deal to $ 7,604,495 while playing for the Chicago Bears next season.
In an alternate scenario, the clause in Tim Jennings’ contract could have instead ended up costing him money as well. The escalator pulled together a maximum $1 million. Otherwise if Tim Jennings had not worked out last season, his base salary would have been limited to just $1.6 million for next season.
But Tim Jennings started 14 games for the Chicago Bears in 2012 while taking 886 of the 1,051 (84.3 percent) defensive snaps. And now ending the season with is first Pro Bowl honors, Tim Jennings is entering the final year of his contract.
Tim Jennings is also eligible for a $250,000 roster bonus and $100,000 workout bonus, which brings up his 2013 earnings to $4.6 million, while carrying a cap number of $5.1 million.
Another Chicago Bears player on the roster, center Roberto Garza set off the playing time escalator on his contract for 2012 season. Roberto Garza will see a bonus of $300,000, which brings base salary to $2.05 million.  The 33-year-old Roberto Garza managed the feat by taking every single snap on the offense. Roberto Garza will also earn a $75,000 workout bonus.
Meanwhile, Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould triggered the escalator in his contract which improved his base salary to $2.425 after adding in another $100,000. Both Robert Gaza and Robbie Gould are into their final contact year with the Chicago Bears.
Three other Chicago Bears players from the 2010 draft class also triggered a playing time escalator which increases their 2013 base salary to the minimum restricted free agent contract of $1.323 million. Chicago Bears left tackle J’Marcus Webb, defensive end Corey Wooton and safety Major Wright will all receive increases of $630,000 to their base salary which raises the 2013 pay tom more than double of its former value.
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