Tim Montgomery Gets 46 Months In Prison
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Another Steroid User Gets Prison Time, Although Not For Anything Steroid Related

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A few of you out there may remember Tim Montgomery. If you read Game of Shadows, then you know he was more or less a willing guinea pig for Victor Conte. He ultimately became the fastest man in the world, but of course that had to do with the fact that he was juicing. He was banned from track and field in 2005. You may also know him as the father of Marion Jones' oldest kid.

Anyway, Montgomery today was sentenced to 46 months in prison, or nearly 4 years, for his role in a check-fraud scheme. Marion Jones is also serving prison time partly for her role in the check-fraud scheme as well.

Both apparently had a hand in depositing bogus checks worth $1.7 million.

And Montgomery will probably face even more jail time. He was just charged with heroin trafficking in Virginia at the beginning of May.

This is just an unreal fall from glory for both of these two. Jones was the Olympic poster child in 2000, and Montgomery was once the fastest man in the world.

The funny thing is as big a juicers as both were, what really nailed them was their involvement in illegal activities. Of course, their involvement in said activities was likely the result of their careers essentially getting tarnished by steroids - especially Montgomery.

I'm not quite sure what the moral of the story here is. I guess it's don't juice, don't do illegal stuff, etc. But in reality, it's just sad. Track and field is often considered the dirtiest of all sports out there, and considering two of the sports stars got caught juicing and involved in serious criminal activities, it only makes the sport look worse - even though those criminal activities never had anything specifically to do with the sport.

Lastly, I wonder what life is going to be like for their kid. Your parents both committed felonies and are the poster children for steroid abuse and cheating in sports right up there with Bonds and Clemens and Ben Johnson.

Good luck kid, you'll need it.
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