Tim Tebow: Tim Tebow Finds a Home in New England

Tim Tebow Finds a Home in New England

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Blog Photo - Tim Tebow: Tim Tebow Finds a Home in New EnglandThe New England Patriots have a certain way of doing things, in fact they call it The Patriot Way. And, if he can learn to swallow his pride and be a role player, Tim Tebow may be the perfect fit for the Patriot Way.

According to reports, Tebow has signed a contract with the Pats and is expected to be at mandatory mini camp activities later this week.

While Tebow has played quarterback in the past for the Broncos and the Jets, it's rumored that he will spend most of his time working out as a tight end with the Pats. New England's top two tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez both have injury concerns going into the 2013 season, so there will be room on the depth chart for extra players at the tight end position.

But more than his physical skills, it's how Tebow handles himself off the field that will determine whether or not he fits in the New England system. If he can be truly happy with a role as tight end and emergency quarterback he will have a role with the team this season.

Ex-Patriot Wes Welker recently came out and said how he feels like he can finally be himself now that he's not in New England, and for certain guys like him that's true. But for guys like Tebow, who never seems to mind keeping his true thoughts to himself. He's been in the media spotlight since he was a teenager, and being a good Patriot when the camera lights turn on won't be a problem.

The problem will be whether or not Tebow can swallow his pride and be happy with his role with the Patriots. He'll be asked to do more than just be the third string quarterback. He'll be asked to contribute when and where he's asked, especially on special teams. And that's the norm for the Pats.

Bill Belichick always expects his players to contribute in multiple ways. The Patriots have valued versatility for the entire Belichick era, going back to using wide receivers as defensive backs and (to much scrutiny) using his star players on defense. If he's willing to use Rob Gronkowski in extra point blocking, he's going to expect Tebow to do similar things.

If Tebow is up for the challenge of being a versatile Patriots style player he might just be able to resurrect his NFL career in New England.

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