Tim Tebow lining up to catch passes at Patriots training camp

Belichick the genius will now use Tebowmania to distract you from Aaron Hernandez

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Blog Photo - Tim Tebow lining up to catch passes at Patriots training campOnce again, Bill Belichick has shown that he's smarter than the rest of us.

Only a day after surveillance pictures surfaced of Aaron Hernandez with what could be the murder weapon, Belichick is resorting to recently-silent TebowMania to take attention away from the Hernandez case.

According to multiple reports, Tebow is now lining up with the running backs and wide receivers, catching passes from Tom Brady and others.

Up until now, TebowMania has been relatively calm in New England, with Belichick essentially shutting it down from the start, and focusing on the football team.

However, with Hernandez bringing some negative attention to the team, perhaps Belichick saw an opportunity to use the fan and media frenzy surrounding Tebow to his advantage. What better way than to line him up as a receiver and catch a few passes?

Previously, Tebow has always been opposed to the idea of playing any position other than quarterback. Perhaps he realizes his days in the NFL are numbered, and understands that he needs to do whatever it takes to get on the field with the Patriots unless he wants to spend the rest of his life as a motivational speaker.

The other possibility, which is a bit more likely, is that Belichick knows that his team is running short on pass-catchers, and it's quite possible that Tebow could help the team in that capacity more than just sitting on the bench holding a clipboard.

Either way, the power of TebowMania has been harnessed. Bill Belichick owns us all.
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