Tim Tebow signing is smart for the Patriots

7 reasons why the Tebow signing is great for the Patriots (and for you!)

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Blog Photo - Tim Tebow signing is smart for the PatriotsThere are a lot of people weighing in on the Tim Tebow signing that was announced yesterday. There are obviously lots of people on both sides of the issue. As always, there are the folks who worship Tebow, and expect him to be the key factor in pushing the Patriots over the top to win a Super Bowl. Equally predictably, there are folks who believe the Patriots will crumble under the pressure of the upcoming media circus, and these people expect Tebow to be cut before the season begins.

Personally, I think it's a good move for the Patriots. I've actually kicked around the idea in the past, and pointed out a few ways in which I believe he could contribute to the team in a non-QB fashion. That's the most important thing that people need to recognize. He won't be a QB in New England. Period.

Anyway, here are a few reasons why the Tim Tebow signing is a good thing, both for the New England Patriots and for the rest of us.

1. The reports of an impending media circus have been greatly exaggerated.

If there's any coach in the league who is capable of shutting down the media, it's Bill Belichick. He already had a press conference this morning to welcome the media to mandatory minicamp. After a few questions about Tebow, he declared that there's a team full of players, and he's done talking about Tebow. Get used to it, folks. Belichick will force the media into backing off about Tebow, by giving the most boring sound bytes anyone could possibly hear. In case you missed it, here's the Belichick press conference this morning, courtesy of The Big Lead:

2. There is no QB controversy.

Tom Brady is not Kyle Orton or Mark Sanchez. For that matter, Ryan Mallett isn't either of those guys either. There is a 0.0% chance that Bill Belichick will ever make a conscious choice to take Tom Brady off the field and allow Tebow to run the offense. And for anyone who thinks that Tebow would be perfect in 3rd/4th and short, keep in mind that Tom Brady is actually one of the all-time greats at converting in those situations:

In Denver and New York, there were people clamoring for him to start at QB. Those people were wrong, for the most part, but the other QB options were so awful that it actually seemed like it might make a little sense. If anyone actually tries to claim that he should start over Brady, they'll instantly be laughed out of the room. Even ESPN's Skip Bayless, the biggest Tebow nuthugger known to man, would readily admit that Brady is on a whole different level.

3. Bill Belichick will find a way to use him effectively, no matter what position it is.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, when there were rumors that the Patriots might trade for Tebow, there are a number of ways that the Patriots could use Tebow, outside of the QB position. He's an extremely athletic player, he works extremely hard, and he desperately wants to prove himself. Yes, it's true that he didn't want to have to give up his dream of being an NFL QB. But I think we've seen that no one was going to offer him THAT particular job anymore, so he'll take whatever he can get at this point.

4. If he doesn't work out, he'll just get cut anyway.

The Patriots were pretty quick to cut Albert Haynesworth when he didn't work out for them. If Tebow can't find a way to make himself useful, he'll be out the door just as fast. Belichick isn't shy about cutting guys that he doesn't have a place for, and Tebow would be far from the best player he has ever cut.

5. The Tebow/Gronkowski combo should be amazing.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski once said that he wanted to take Tim Tebow's virginity. I hope that gets brought up at some point.

6. The memes just write themselves.

This one is better for us than it is for the Patriots, but there are already some outstanding photoshops going around. Seriously.

Blog Photo - Tim Tebow signing is smart for the Patriots
Blog Photo - Tim Tebow signing is smart for the Patriots

And of course, .gif expert @LSUfreek had to weigh in with this masterpiece:

Blog Photo - Tim Tebow signing is smart for the Patriots

7. Bill Belichick is basically saying 'F*** you' to the media.

Recently, Yahoo! columnist Mike Silver wrote a column saying that Belichick hated Tebow, and that Tebow was a constant target of ridicule and derision among the Patriots. Belichick denied it... and the upped the ante by actually signing him. Silver billed it as Belichick 'accepting the challenge.'

In all reality, Belichick wouldn't sign a player unless he honestly believed it was a move that increased the Patriots' chances of winning. If he doesn't think Tebow offers that, he'll cut him. I promise. It is, however, a way for Belichick to stick it to the media on a regular basis. And he loves it.

Guys, have fun with Tebow and the Patriots. Trust me, no one in Foxborough is taking this as seriously as some of the media types that are blowing it out of proportion, and no one really thinks that Tebow will be a real difference maker, one way or the other. Belichick signed him for $630,000 for the year, with zero guaranteed dollars, and they can cut him at any time. This could be interesting, and at the very least, it'll be fun.
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I don't disagree per se Pat, but just the same, I'm avoiding ESPN and NFL Network for the rest of the summer.