Tim Tebow was beyond awful Friday night

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Blog Photo - Tim Tebow was beyond awful last nightWe all know preseason doesn't matter. We know even more than preseason stats really don't matter. However, one thing a non-established player must do in the preseason is show some flashes of a productive player, something that shows the team he's worth keeping around and can contribute. Tim Tebow Friday night showed the Patriots the exact opposite.

His stat line really says it all: 1-for-7 passing for -1 yard. Yes, negative yardage. His QB rating was not surprisingly a big fat 0. Yes, he played in the second half and thus played with the scrub receivers, but there's really no way to polish a turd like that. This report from NFL.com writer Gregg Rosenthal doesn't help Tebow's case either.

If there was one plus, it was Tebow's rushing line of 6 carries for 30 yards, which shows that his place on an NFL roster may just be as a fullback or even tight end. As a quarterback though, Tebow appears to be regressing if anything. He's certainly not showing that he could even be a capable backup, certainly not if his passes keeping looking like this: (H/T: SB Nation)

Blog Photo - Tim Tebow was beyond awful last night

Tebow-mania luckily hasn't happened in New England this summer, which has given him a chance to quietly do his work to try and make the team. The problem is it's going even poorer than even Tebow's critics thought it would.
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