Time For Replay in Major League Baseball

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June 20, 2012; Washington, D.C., USA; First base umpire Cory Blaser during a game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park. The Nationals defeated the Rays 3 - 2. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRELast night at the Yankee game, Dewayne Wise from the Yankees didn’t make a catch. It was the best catch he never made. He dove into the stands, doesn’t make the catch, fan has the ball. But the umpire rules he caught the ball. When did everybody discover that it wasn’t a catch? The Replay is when we found out the truth. How ironic is that. We found that out during replay which major league baseball refuses to use.

It was really hard to see during the catch if Wise had actually caught the ball or not. However it was really easy to see with replay because a fan was holding the ball in the air and the umpire apparently missed that. On top of that, Dewayne Wise ran to the Yankee dugout with no ball in his glove, and the umpire once again missed that.

What if that was the ALDS last night? We have got to get a replay system in baseball. Why would you want the championship, or the road to the championship spoiled by an obvious mistake? Nobody is talking about balls and strikes; nobody is talking about measuring everything to a tee and slowing the game down by half an hour while we check a call in the fourth inning. But if you have an obvious mistake that could be a game changer you need to have the ability to correct it.

Bad calls may be part of the game but this is the 21st century. The technology that we have at our disposal will help eliminate a lot of bad calls, and Major League Baseball needs to take advantage of that. Just because it’s America’s pastime doesn’t mean baseball has an excuse to remain stuck in the past.

Many people are worried about the game itself being slowed down because a group of people will watch the replay of game changers. Personally, I am not worried about this. Everyone who watches baseball on television watch the instant replay of the previous call every single play. Every time someone is out we watch a replay. Does this slow the game down already? No it does not. So why would this slow down the game itself. 
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Limited use of replay is fine...  HR or not only.  No replay for fair/foul, bang bang plays,traps vs fair catches or anything like that.

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Simple answer NO TO REPLAY!!!!

People love to jump up and down saying we need it look at this play and that play. The umpire blew the call on this play here and really it should not have been his call. That is right should not have been his call. Every game should have line Umpires, and it would be his job for those types of plays, home runs, diving catches going to the line and fair/foul balls. Right there would cut down many of these blown calls people want to point out to use is saying we need IR. '

Plays which happen in the infield, again we do not need replay, the rules and tools are there the issue is getting MLB and UMPIRES to use them. What do I mean by that is umpires go to school and are taught that when they make a call on a normal play to stand by and never get help, (Jim Joyce on the perfect game, Todd Tichenor blown calls in Dodgers game). Right here other umpires saw the play and could have had a conference and corrected the call, (BY the rules the umpires could have and should have done this) but it is taught not to go for help unless it is a tagged play, or dropped ball. This is why fans and players claim the umpires try to make it about them, what you do not understand yince and umpire does go and get help on this you can be certain he will loose his job. Why you ask it is all about getting the call right??? NO MLB and UMPIRE Ass. it is about owning your call and if you got it wrong we deal with the backlash.

Love the pictures but the one with the fan holding the ball in his hands means nothing, and it is silly to me to watch the replay and analyst to said look a fan has the ball in his hand. NO ONE could say for 100% that was the same ball, any one who has been to a game knows people bring his own balls, sometimes get one thrown to them or popped up. So we did not know that was the ball till you seen the replays and still assume it was.

So if you want to see better calls protest complain and tell MLB that the teaching of the umpires need to be corrected they could have a secret sign so they could let each other know when a call is blown so when an manager comes out to argue he knows if he should call for a conference or not. Also let MLB know we should have 6 umpires for every game not just during the play-offs. Last each umpire should be grading and the the grade should be through out the year so the public can see where an umpire rates he wold like to check up on the umpire. Also so if an umpire falls belows the standard MLB should be able to demote him back to the minors and bring someone else up.