Time To Do The Texas Tussle [NBA Playoffs Evening Thread]

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The NBA Playoffs continue tonight with the Texas trio taking the spotlight on ESPN in the nightly double-header. In case you missed the Early Thread this afternoon, check it out here.

Afternoon Recap:

BULLS 105, Celtics 103 - FINAL/OT
Bulls rookie Derek Rose tied Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 36 points, and also dished out 11 assists in his playoff debut game, in a stunning upset-win for the Bulls in overtime. Tyrus Thomas hit some big shots late in the 4th to keep the Bulls ahead, and Chicago got lucky after Pierce missed the second free throw after Noah fouled him with :02.6 seconds remaining. Ben Gordon also heated up in the 4th, scoring most of his 20 for the game. Rondo paced the C's with 29 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists in the loss.

CAVALIERS 102, Pistons 84 - FINAL
No surprise here as LeBron and Co. put a pounding on Detroit, and putting them in danger of snapping the 6-season consecutive Conference Finals appearances streak. It was the quality of play for Cleveland that made the score lopsided. Only 10 fouls and 4 turnovers, that will over 50% shooting, you've set yourself up for a win there. LeBron James had complete control of the game, and put the beatdown with 38 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists. Phew. Stuckey lead the Pistons with 20.

Onto tonight's games:

ESPN Double-header

[6] Dallas Mavericks @ [3] San Antonio Spurs 8:00 PM EST
Mavericks renew the I-35 Rivalry as they take a trip down the Riverwalk to take on the San Antonio Spurs. Many had San Antonio written off, but with the shake up in the seeding on the last day, can San Antonio fight through on the bottom bracket? Dirk and the Mavs have been eliminated in the first round in the last two years, and want to avoid a third in a row. Spurs on the other hand haven't dropped out of the Quarterfinals since 2001 to Seattle when they were without Tim Duncan.
The FanIQ team is picking (79%) San Antonio to net game 1, 99-94.

[5] Houston Rockets @ [4] Portland TrailBlazers 10:30 PM EST
The Q picking a really tight one in the Rose Garden, with (54%) Portland over Houston 97-96.
This is going to be a wild one. A young Blazers team ready to make their move in the playoffs, against a strong defensive-minded Houston Rockets team. Can Houston cure the first-round virus? Or will Portland prevail? Enjoy this game. Hopefully it will be just as exciting as the Boston-Chicago game.

Enjoy the games tonight, and hit it up here. If you get bored of the Spurs (as usual), hey- there's always the NHL PLAYOFFS on tonight as well, don't miss it. NHL Live Thread is here.
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