Time Warner finally adds the NFL Network

It's about Time! NFL Network finally coming to Time Warner cable

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Blog Photo - Time Warner finally adds the NFL NetworkIf you've got Time Warner cable, you won't have to Mooch off Justin.TV for your NFL Network Thursday night games and Sunday afternoon RedZone channel broadcasts for much longer. The second-largest cable TV provider in America has at long last reached an agreement with the NFL, allowing the NFL Network and RedZone channel availability to their customers.

To the 300 million Americans who do not subscribe to Time Warner cable, this is meaningless non-news that is just polluting your FanIQ blog feed. To the 12 million Americans who subscribe to Time Warner cable, though, this is cause for dancing in the streets and perhaps burning a couch and tipping some cars over.

Bloomberg News broke the news early Friday morning based on sources, and the NFL confirmed the news Friday afterenoon. Time Warner customers will now get the NFL Network and RedZone channels, as well as customers of Bright House networks, the nation's sixth-largest cable TV provider. 

Blog Photo - Time Warner finally adds the NFL NetworkWith the Cablevision agreement in August, all of America's ten largest cable providers now provide the NFL Network.

Okay, sure, many of these people who've been denied the NFL Network have just cold pirated these games off the web for years. But many have also been paying for cable, and have been squeezed out of their rightful football broadcats because NFL and cable executives  just don't feel they have enough Jaguars in their garages.

It's wonderful that now all of America can now see Thursday night games, and enjoy the exquisitely lucid analysis and humor of anchorman Rich Eisen. But new viewers, be warned. Nothing ruins a perfectly good NFL game like the in-booth analysis of Mike Mayock.
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