Titanicís end looks more dignified than Liverpoolís end to the season

4/8/12 in Soccer   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

Even the diehard Liverpool fans would admit that their beloved Merseyside Reds are in one of the worst runs of form in their long history. It seems as if Liverpool has decided to take an early break from the season. They lack their traditional fiery fighting spirit that has remained as their symbolic playing style for so many years.
Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is turning over stones from around the world in search for the miracle that could reignite Liverpool’s fighting spirit. Last summer, the Liverpool legend dug deep into the pockets of the club’s American owner John W. Henry (also the owner of Red Sox) to sign talented players.
Many fans expected a superb comeback from Liverpool but their start to the season was dismissive once again. In his tenure with Liverpool, Dalglish has brought in Andy Carroll, Luis Suarez, Charlie Adam, Jordan Henderson, Stewart Downing and Doni. So far, Luis Suarez is the only player that is showing signs to live up to the promise of making Anfield’s future brighter.
Liverpool has endured tons of difficulties in recent years and that has weakened them. On the other hand, their opponents continue to grow stronger. Clubs like Newcastle United, Everton, Stoke City, Sunderland and most importantly Tottenham Hotspur have increased the level of competition in the English Premier League.
Meanwhile, Liverpool’s stagnant growth has kept success at bay. Dalglish looks lost and for that reason Liverpool owner Henry is demanding explanations. Henry will surely question Dalglish’s ambition and ability to make tough decisions at the club. The opinion of Liverpool’s star midfielder Steven Gerrard will also be valued.
Rumor has it Dalglish could be on his way out if he doesn’t manage to pull together in the English Premier League soon enough. Success in the FA Cup could bring hope to his cause. Nonetheless, Liverpool’s main objective is to re-enter the top four in English Premier League.
Henry is willing to handover tons of cash to Dalglish this summer yet again but the Scotsman should convince him with a solid plan for the future. In a recent press release Dalglish and Henry reiterated that their main objective was to compete in Champions League and for that they will continue to strive for a top four finish.
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