Titans C Rob Turner fined on peel-back block, mad at J.J. Watt for lying

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsTennessee Titans center Rob Turner was fined by the NFL for a peel-back block on Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt during their Week 2 game at Reliant Stadium. While the block was legal last year it isn’t now, according to the NFL’s updated rule book. Turner said he understands all that, but at that moment he reacted on instincts.
"I've been taught to cut on screen (plays) ever since I was a kid," Turner said. "It was a rule change this year and it was something I didn't think about. I just reacted. He was chasing, I peeled and I cut."
Turner was flagged for a personal foul on the block and later also landed in the NFL officials’ line of scrutiny. However, Turner declined to reveal the amount of fine he received from the NFL, though he did not consider it to be “exorbitant.” The league will officially announce all of the fines handed out this week, on Friday.
While Turner has taken responsibility for his actions so far, he doesn’t appreciate being characterized as a dirty player. Watt’s postgame comments rubbed him the wrong way and the first-year pro alleged that Watt even fabricated an incident that didn’t even occur during the game.
"Some people have asked if I am a dirty player. I don't think I am a dirty player, I am a hard-nose guy and that gets misconstrued sometimes," Turner said. "I know J.J. was saying all sorts of stuff to the media down there about him (telling me he has) a family to feed and stuff like that, but all that wasn't true and he's full of it for saying it. That was a lie about him talking to me."
Watt, the 2012 All Pro and NFL Defensive Player of the Year, sacked the quarterback twice in the Texans’ 30-24 overtime win over the Titans. He called out Turner for the peel-back block after the game, claiming it was “absolutely” dirty.
“I’m not trying to get my knee blown out. That’s why there’s a rule in place,” Watt said. “And it was clearly blatant.”
Watt said he had a back-and-forth of words with Turner, but the Titans center denied having any kind of conversation with Watt.
“Whether you call it an apology or whether you call it a professional courtesy, I was trying to say, “Hey I wasn’t going after you like that, and you can see that on film,’’ Turner said. “And it bothered me he made a big stink about it.
"For the record, he wouldn't even look at me, and I don't have a problem if you put that in print,” Turner added. “In fact, I'd encourage you to put that in print and he's full of it by saying that."
The Titans play the Texans for a second-time this season on Dec. 29. Maybe the two men will pick up this conversation there.
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