Titans’ Jake Locker confronts Antonio Smith over “cheap” blindside block

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Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin weren't the only two NFL figures, who stole spotlight on Sunday for a hostile postgame faceoff.
After Tennessee Titans’ 24-10 win Sunday, quarterback  Jake Locklear also got into a confrontation with Houston Texans veteran defensive end Antonio Smith for unnecessary blindside block on teammate.
Jake Locklear stood up for Tennessee Titans center Fernando Velasco, who was shaken-up on an illegal block by Antonio Smith during a late interception return by Houston Texans linebacker Darryl Sharpton, with two minutes remaining in the game.
Both Fernando Velasco and Tennessee Titans described Antonio Smith’s blindside block as a “cheap shot,” and Jake Locker expressed similar sentiments when he confronted the defensive end after game to tell him it was an unnecessary block.
“The little young whippersnapper tried to come and tell an old cat how to play football. He just came up to me. He faked like he was gonna dap me up,” Antonio Smith recalled the confrontation with Jake Locker. “And like grabbed my hand and said, ‘I just want to tell you that was a [dirty] block.’ I just told him . . . ‘Are we playing football, or is this something else?’”
Officials awarded the Tennessee Titans with a 15-yard penalty on Antonio Smith’s personal foul stemming from the unnecessary blindside block, but the defensive end took exception to being flagged on the play.
“I just made a block. I guess only offensive linemen can make hard blocks or whatever,” said Antonio Smith. “So they threw a flag on me. What they gotta understand is we’re all just trying to play football. Nobody’s trying to deliberately hurt anybody.”
Although Antonio Smith claims he wasn’t intentionally trying to injure anybody, after reviewing of the tape anyone would consider it an unnecessary block on his behalf.
Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen landed a $21,000 fine from the NFL last week for a blindside hit block on Lance Louis that ended the Chicago Bears guards’ season. By comparison, Antonio Smith’s block appears more vicious and unnecessary of the two. Looks like Jake Locker won’t be the only one calling out Antonio Smith, as he could be disciplined by the NFL with a hefty fine for his actions Sunday.
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