Titus Young makes another dumb move, future with Lions in doubt

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Nov 18, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and wide receiver Titus Young (16) chat before the game between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-US PRESSWIRELions' wide receiver Titus Young has proven over the past several months to be one of the league's most hot-headed players, and he's not done showing us why he doesn't belong on the sidelines in Detroit. After allegedly lining up in the wrong spot intentionally on multiple plays in a protest against not getting the ball, Young was bashed by the media and even some teammates. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press said back in December that it was "pretty obvious" that Young had played his last snap with the Lions, while Lions' center Dominic Raiola called Young an "asshole" and said the team had "moved on from him."

As if being considered a near lock to be cut two years before his contract expired wasn't enough, Young decided to run his mouth a little bit via Twitter on Tuesday. "If I'm not going to get the football I don't want to play anymore," Young said. He has since deleted that tweet - maybe the smartest thing he's done since being drafted by the Lions - but you can still see some of his other tweets lobbying for more looks, such as "I'm a team playa that just loves the football," and "It's true I could be alot better, but wit the football."

I guess Young didn't realize that players who were suspended at the end of the season shouldn't be whining about their targets on social media during the offseason. The Lions are a team littered with character concerns, so letting a guy like Young stay on the roster seems to be a terrible idea. It would send a message to the other players that the team tolerates misbehavior, which would only make the team's locker room issues worse.

Head coach Jim Schwartz has already responded to his troubled receiver's recent tweets, saying, "This is a pretty good example of a not so good idea."

The only hope Young has of remaining on the roster is if fellow wide receiver Ryan Broyles struggles to return from his torn ACL. Young proved to be an expendable talent, topping 35 receiving yards only once in ten games. Broyles, a rookie in 2012, topped 35 yards five times in the seven games he played as a constant presence in the offense - and in one of the games that he didn't reach 35 yards, it was because he was forced from the game with a torn ACL.

Broyles was a younger, more effective player than Young last season. There's no reason to keep a head case who averages 38.3 yards per game on your roster. Though Lions' general manager Martin Mayhew has said that Young's 2013 status with the team has "not been decided," it's hard to picture him playing in Detroit next season.
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I think I’ll stick with Jim Schwartz comments over the comments I read from the over emotional fans. I think ppl get wrapped up into thinking that they know everything just because their good buddy at the gas station agrees with them. Schwartz is much smarter than any person in this forum. I’m pretty confident that the Lions are going to turn it around. It’s not just the injuries that he’s had to deal with but some pretty bad luck as well. Titus Young's comments don't seem to bother him so why should it bother us? Isn't Schwartz the one that suspended him in the first place? ppl can be really stupid these days and they look for any reason at all to hate on someone. It's pretty annoying.