Titus Young's fourth arrest moves him to No. 6 on the NFL's Most Arrested Players list

Who are the six most arrested players in the NFL? (HINT: Titus Young is only No. 6)

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Blog Photo - Titus Young's fourth arrest moves him to No. 6 on the NFL's Most Arrested Players listWe've all had a good laugh at the expense of NFL receiver Titus Young, now on his shocking fourth arrest in a span of just nine days. "Four arrests, ha ha!," we laugh, "That guy will never play in the NFL again!"

Not so fast, judges, juries and executioners. Several other active NFL players have been arrested as many times or even more than Titus Young, and those guys are still in the league. In fact, if we rank all active players by the number of times they've been arrested since joining the NFL, Titus Young is still only No. 6 on this list.

So... shall we rank all active NFL players by the number of times they've been arrested? This is not difficult to do. The San Diego Union-Tribune keeps an NFL Player Arrest Database, listing every arrest of every NFL player going back to the year 2000.

Blog Photo - Titus Young's fourth arrest moves him to No. 6 on the NFL's Most Arrested Players listFor the purposes of this list, we will not count retired players, or players who have been out of football for more than a year (e.g., Albert Haynesworth and Tank Johnson, both with four arrests). We will, however, count currently unsigned free agents who are without a team but did play in the 2012 season (e.g., Titus Young, Leroy Hill). Arrests aside, most of these guys probably will get signed to a team. Who says the NFL doesn't give fifth, sixth, and seventh chances?

With this in mind, let's take a look at the six most arrested active players in the NFL:


6. Titus Young (3 arrests, possibly a 4th)
We have reports today that Titus Young was actually arrested a fourth time since May 6. These are unconfirmed accounts from the Twitter feed of Yahoo's Jason Cole and Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free-Press, so we'll wait for more information before making Arrest No. 4 an official entry on our leaderboard.

Blog Photo - Titus Young's fourth arrest moves him to No. 6 on the NFL's Most Arrested Players list5. Bryant McKinnie (4 arrests)
Give Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie some credit -- he's the only guy on this list without a DUI charge on his rap sheet. And another of his charges stems from the Vikings sex boat incident of 2005 in which McKinnie was charged with indecent conduct for publicly performing cunnilingus on a naked woman, and publicly receiving fellatio from another naked woman. Who among us would not do that?

Unfortunately, McKinnie's three other arrests show a little something of a darker side. McKinnie was charged in 2008 his role in a street brawl in Miami, and suspended four games by the NFL. He was also arrested for a 3 a.m. brawl at a Bobby & Steve's Auto World gas station in 2005, and for obstructing a police officer in 2003. Charges in both of those cases were eventually dropped.

Blog Photo - Titus Young's fourth arrest moves him to No. 6 on the NFL's Most Arrested Players list4. Brandon Marshall (4 arrests)
Bears receiver Brandon Marshall holds the NFL record for catches in a single game, but he's not the best catch from a relationship point of view. When your legal problems section on Wikipedia is the longest part of your biography, you may want to reevealuate your approach to communicating with women. Marshall has one false imprisonment charge from a dispute with a woman in 2009 (she's the one who later stabbed him), a separate arrest for punching a separate woman in 2008, and a 2007 arrest for false imprisonment of a yet another woman. Marshall was accused of hitting yet another New York woman two days before he was traded to the Bears in 2012, but no charges were ever filed. He also had a DUI arrest in 2007.

To his credit, Brandon Marshall has since sought out counseling for Borderline Personality Disorder.

3. Leroy Hill (4 arrests)

Unsigned free agent Leroy Hill (recently of the Seattle Seahawks) is more of a weed guy. Two of his four arrests were for marijuana possession. In his 2009 marijuana arrest, police found him passed out at the wheel of his automobile at a stop light. Hill also has two domestic violence arrests, in 2010 and 2013.

Blog Photo - Titus Young's fourth arrest moves him to No. 6 on the NFL's Most Arrested Players list2. Kenny Britt (7 arrests)
Seven arrests... Now we're getting serious! Tennessee Titans receiver Kenny Britt has absolutely no domestic violence charges on his rap sheet. He "only" has only one DUI, from a 2012 incident wherein he tried to drive a female soldier home to her Fort Campbell
,KY army base, but was stopped a the camp's security detail. By NFL arrest standards, that's almost poignant.

But oh, does Kenny Britt have vehicular licensing issues. He's made false statements on a driver's license application, leading to a 2011 arrest. He was arrested in 2010 for driving on an expired license, after six months earlier being arrested for driving with three outstanding traffic warrants. In 2011, Britt was arrested for failing to pay bond for two friends for whom he'd posted bond. He was also arrested in 2011 for trying to outspeed a police cruiser attempting to pull him over. The very day after pleading guilty to that one, Britt was arrested when police found a marijuana  blunt in his car.

Impressive stuff. But who is the single most arrested active player in the NFL?

1. Adam Blog Photo - Titus Young's fourth arrest moves him to No. 6 on the NFL's Most Arrested Players list"Pac-Man" Jones (7 arrests)
Cornerback Adam Jones, lately of the Cincinnati Bengals, has seven arrests since entering the NFL-- the same number as Kenny Britt. But based on Pac-Man's additional variables of a previous college arrest (2004), his car being seized in a cocaine bust (2006), brutally beating up a stripper (2007), and a civil suit for biting someone's ankle (2007), it's a no-brainer that Mr. Jones deserves the No. 1 spot all to himself.

We have not even discussed the matters for which Jones has actually been arrested since entering the NFL in 2005. These are:
  • A valet parking tantrum at a charity luncheon (2005) during which Jones went postal because his car was not returned quickly enough, and then refused to pay because he said he didn't have any money.
  • A fight at someone's home in 2006 wherein he was arrested for marijuana possession and obstructing an officer.
  • One month later, police searched Jones' car and the vehicle reeked of marijuana. Arrested again.
  • Engaged in a physical argument with a woman at a  Tennessee nightclub (2006). Shoving ensued, Pac-Man refused to leave the club, and was arrested again.
  • Spat in the face of another woman who he claimed took his wallet at a different Tennessee nightclub (2006). He was arrested for misdemeanor assault and suspended one game.
  • The infamous 2007 NBA All-Star Game shooting, wherein Jones grabbed a stripper by her hair and pounded her skull against the ground for picking up money that Jones had thrown down there himself. In the ensuing melee, one of Jones' associates returned to the club with a handgun, shooting three people. Jones was charged with felony coercion of witnesses (that's fancy legalese for offering people $15,000  to lie to the police), and suspended for a full NFL season.
  • Your standard, regular Adam Jones nightclub argument at a Cincinnati club in 2011 resulting in his seventh arrest, this time for disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

So go ahead and laugh at Titus Young and his "whopping" his four arrests. By NFL arrest standards, the third-year receiver is still a rookie.
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6/13/13   |   kevinknapp

Pac man was arrested in cincinnati again this week. Make it #8 for him.

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canyonharvey wrote:
What about OJ?

OJ has definitely been arrested a few times, and obviously for high-profile crimes -- but not nearly as many times as these guys!

5/16/13   |   canyonharvey

What about OJ?