To Whom Much is Expected Much is Given: Closer Look at Lebron James's First Ring

6/27/12 in NBA   |   rick_ross95   |   8 respect

From the very beginning two things were evident regarding David Stern overseeing things this season.
One he would do everything in his power to make sure Kobe didn't win a ring this year.

The second thing is he did everything in his power to guarantee Lebron did win a ring this year.
How else do you explain the nix trade between the Hornets and Lakers?

Stern's response was it was better for the Hornets not to trade Paul. Their record will bear witness against that.

Paul ended up leaving the Hornets anyway. So Stern in one swooped halted the Lakers from challenging Lebron this year while simultaneously giving the Lakers a tougher schedule by allowing both Billups and Paul to join the Clippers.

Through out the season even until the finals whoever opposed the Lakers got the benefit of the calls down the stretch.
Meanwhile Miami got the benefit of the calls against whomever they played.

James Harden went from being a free t throw magnet through out the whole playoffs, however didn't get the quarter of the fouls he was accustomed to against the Heat.

While the calls could go either way in the series I felt that way about Harden all year the fact still remains he got the calls against everyone outside of the Heat.

I understand that supposedly Lebron finally getting a ring is good for basketball from a monetary standpoint.
However if it takes compromising the integrity of the game ultimately it will lead to the NBA's demise.
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