Today in Football Makes No Sense: Minnesota 48, Philadelphia 30

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Blog Photo - Today in Football Makes No Sense: Minnesota 48, Philadelphia 30The NFL is not designed to make sense in any way. When you think you have it figured out, it takes an 180. This is 100% by design and don't ever forget it.

Today's evidence of that is the Eagles-Vikings game. On paper, this should be easy for Philly. They had just scored a bunch of points in a snowstorm and now headed to a dome to play a 3-9-1 team. The Vikings were without Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart, and were thus starting unknown Matt Asiata. I think that's who is pictured, but I don't know for sure. Google Images might have lied to me.

With that context, of course the Eagles offense failed to launch in the first half, scoring just three field goals and only getting in the end zone in garbage time. Of course, Matt Cassel had his best game of the season, going 26/35 for 382 yards, 2 scores and a pick.

And of course, of course, the unknown Asiata would score three touchdowns. He was otherwise unremarkable (30 carries, 51 yards, 1.7 yards per rush), but those are his first three NFL touchdowns.

The win does little for Minnesota, who go to 4-9-1, but the loss hurts the now 8-6 Eagles, and puts the Cowboys back in contention for the NFC East title if they beat the Packers today.

Some other notes about the early games:
  • Kirk Cousins went 29/45 for 381 yards and 2 touchdowns, but also 2 interceptions. His second half until the final drive (where Washington scored, then went for two and the win and failed) was pretty bad though. It should also be noted that the Falcons rank 31st in pass defense according to Football Outsiders.
  • The Patriots comeback effort fell short against the Dolphins, putting Denver back in the home field advantage drivers seat. Miami currently has the sixth seed, pending the Ravens result tomorrow night. Not a plus for those who are not fans of bullying.
  • Eli Manning was beyond terrible today, throwing 5 picks. Even the children realize it.
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